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The ever ending social-economic problems that Haiti has been dealing with for centuries have created an environment where many have turned to crime a way to earn a living. One of the most rampant crime in the past few years has been kidnapping


Haiti kidnapping

To counter counter these types of crime, the Haitian National Police has been developing a variety of strategy; however, due to lack of an adequate Police force in Haiti, kidnapping cases have been growing in the country, causing the population not to feel secure. Others who are able have decided to leave the country all together.

Some of the most vulnerable areas is Haiti for kidnapping are the slums. Foreigners are also a target of kidnappers as well as high-class neighborhoods such as Thomassin and Pelerin. Kidnappers do not discriminate base on profession, age, gender or social class.

The followings are Tips on Kidnapping:

[*] Kidnapping, The Most Critical Crime In Haiti

[*] What Is Considered To Be Kidnapping

[*] Difference Between Abduction And Kidnapping

[*] Kidnapping And The Haitian Society

[*] Common Targets Of Kidnappers In Haiti

[*] Tips on Fake Kidnapping Scams claiming to have kidnapped relative:

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Henry says...

we don't know who to trust.

we can not rust our government.

They are getting paid by the population to protect them.

The are protecting the kidnappers.

Whoever voted for Michel Martelly should go back and think for a moment how important the president of a country is.

These people are capable of doing everything.

There is one true Haitian.

He is called Moise Jean

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