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Jean Michel Daudier

Jean Michel Daudier is a popular musician in Haiti. Born in a family of Musicians and poets, Jean learned to play the guitar at a tender age of 15 years. Jean Michel became famous in 1986.

This was after he wrote a protest song called "Lem pa we soley la" which when translated means 'When I don't see the Sunshine.' The song supported the fight against the former dictator Baby Doc in Haiti. The song was contentious and this made people find themselves in cells for singing it.

Jean Michel Daudier has expanded his musical styles and now he possesses an ability to convey strong emotions through the beautiful music he writes. He sets scenes and moods with his beautiful playing and also in his way of writing intensely personal and vivid lyrics. This has made him travel to many countries. He also performed at the Broward Performing Art Center for Martin Luther king Jr birthday Celebrations.

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Carl Fredric Behrmann, band leader of Dega

Carl Fredric Behrmann is the band leader of an emerging group Dega; which became famous with its very first release. The album's title is Bali gas and has 12 top pieces. Dega has come out as a blend of great work of Bassist Djakout Mizik and Absolute Herman; they have great contribution on drum, bass and cymbals. Carl Fredric could also manage to convince Wyclef Jean and Roberto Marino for their guest appearance for the success of his album.

The album by Carl Fredric is dedicated to love and to women. There is 'Espresso' and "Ki pou'm his fe" in which he expresses the feelings of young hearts towards their passion for music. You may also say that in the song he has portrayed his own life where he convinced his family for the music which he would like to peruse as a career and would like to make his lucky charm. Carl Fredric's father was a famous ford distributer and this song says how he won over his father's hart for music.

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New Music video for Djakout Number 1 - Pwofite

Djakout Number One - Pwofite

This is the latest Music Video from the New and improved Djakout Number 1 album titled Pwofite. As you may know, the band is no longer called Djakout Mizik but instead Djakout Number One. This song is titled Pwofite.

Watch the video now and tell me what you think about it

In my opinion, this video is good production. This new album will help the population and in particular fans of Djakout to embrace the new name for the band.

However, one thing is for sure, the new album from Djakout will not be equal to "La Familia" album. I think that "La Familia album will for ever remain their greatest success.

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