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Jean Bertrand Aristide to be brought to Judge Lamarre Berlizaire soon

As the Presidential candidates in Haiti are getting ready to open their campaign it is likely that the focus will be on former President Jean Bertrand Aristide. In a hearing conducted last Thursday, Haiti Police Chief Gordon Orelus gave judge Lamarre Belizaire full guarantee that Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide will be brought to him. Not only that will happen, but this will take place very soon.

This information was obtained from Haitian-Caribbean News Network (HCNN), a well connected but reliable source.

Mr. Aristide has a warrant issued against him as well as several other suspects. Mr. Godson Orelus told judge Belizaire that the warrant will be executed. He has been accused for corruption, drug trafficking and money laundering.

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Under house arrest, Jean Bertrand Aristide to be visited by Haiti opposition leaders

From exile to house arrest, Jean Bertrand Aristide just can't catch a break in Haiti. Following his inclusion on a list of people ordered not to leave the country by investigative judge, Lamarre Belizaire, Aristide has now been put under house arrest, and his list of visitors must be mandated by the presiding judge.

The embattled former leader was quickly reassured, after his current status was made public, he would receive moral support from members of the opposition,who, along with a group of senators, are against the El Rancho accord. The group reportedly promised to visit the twice-deposed former leader despite a ruling by the judge that all visitors needed to seek approval to see the accused. One opposition senator, Sen. Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime, has said that, despite Judge Belizaire's action, under Haitian law, there is no such thing as house arrest.

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Godson Orelus made commitment to arrest Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Investigative Judge Belizaire, frustrated in his attempts to indict ex-President Aristide on corruption charges from his time in office, has called Chief of Police Orelus to Belizaire's office, asking why Orelus has not executed an arrest warrant on Aristide. Belizaire does not have a good answer why he has failed to arrest Aristide, which leads to the conclusion Orelus's department is being defiant. But an officer of the Haitian National Police (HNP) reports Orelus has sworn to Belizaire he will ensure the arrest warrant is served on Aristide. The officer has said the arrest would occur soon since Orelus cannot go against the orders of Belizaire to arrest Aristide. To save face the informant said specifics were being hashed out to get the warrant executed.

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Judge Lamarre Belizaire ordered arrest of activist Andre Michel on murder charges

Haitian investigative Judge Lamarre Belizaire has made headlines once again this week after he issued a warrant for the arrest of André Michel. Michel, implicated in the 2010 murder of Frantzy Duverseau, has been called to appear before the criminal court along with his co-accused.

On October 18, 2010, Duverseau, a student, got in the middle of an altercation between his sister Fabienne Duverseau and her husband Enold Florestal. Their house was reportedly raided by a number of civilians and 4 officers of the law. In a bid to help his sister, Duverseau got into a fight with Florestal who walked away injured after a stone throwing incident. It is then said that Florestal, one of the accused, went away to return with backup in the form of André Michel, Josué Florestal and others.

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Lamarre Belizaire wants Jean Bertrand Aristide before him by force if necessary

Controversial judge, Lamarre Bélizaire, continues to throttle forward with his investigation into the Aristide Administration, despite the recent alleged threat to his life following the report of gunshots near his home. Bélizaire has now issued a warrant for the arrest of the former Haitian president.

Bélizaire's determination to complete the investigation has given rise to accusations of bias from the counsel of Jean Bertrand Aristide, who filed a motion to have the judge removed from the case on those grounds. However, in a recent interview with Haitian-Caribbean News Network (HCNN), the judge told the press that, in light of the motion filed against former President Aristide, he had not revoked the warrant.

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Arrest Warrant issued to Jean Bertrand Aristide accused for corruption

Judge Lamarre Belizaire is attempting to indict ex-president, Jean Bertrand Aristide, on charges of corruption, money laundering, embezzling funds, and other assorted criminal acts. The charges are related to the operation of Aristide's non-profit, Aristide for Democracy Foundation. When the media tried to contact Belizaire regarding the case he was unavailable, his office citing "legal and ethical reasons" for remaining quiet.

Ever since 2004 when Aristide was forced into exile a UN Peacekeeping Force has been a presence in Haiti to quell outbreaks of violence between Aristide's party, Fanmi Lavalas, and opposing factions. Belizaire wants Aristide arrested for refusing to comply with a summons ordering him to attend a hearing in Belizaire's courtroom to answer to the corruption charges.

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List of People banned by judge Lamarre Belizaire from leaving Haiti

The list of names Judge Lamarre Belizaire boldly wrote, which banned from leaving the country 35 influential supporters of a former president, plus the man himself, may have landed the judge in danger. It was early August when the list was made public, with the names of all those expected to remain in Haiti while awaiting questioning in the investigation into several acts of drug money laundering, misappropriation of public funds, and other grievous acts of corruption.

The man at the head of the list is former President, Jean-Bertrand Aristide. During his time in office, from his inauguration for a second presidential term of five years in 2001, he is said to have, with his dozens of accomplices, abused the power issued to him in the post. It is an investigation that started in 2005, following the ousting of Aristide from the presidency the year before. Also named on the list with Aristide are Yvon Neptune, Oriel Jean, Marie Carnel Latouche, and Paul Presler, among others. Jean, a former Presidential Palace security chief was already question, also was the former director of the Aristide Foundation for Democracy, Thoussaint Hilaire.

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Judge Lamarre Belizaire with 5 Orders on Jean Bertrand Aristide not Executed

Can someone talk to Judge Lamarre Belizaire for me please? He needs to know that nobody is paying attention to his orders on Jean Bertrand Aristide. Not the Haiti Police Chief, not the Police, not the demonstrators in front of Aristide's home in Tabarre, not members of Lavalas Political Party who come and go in his home, not Jean Bertrand Aristide himself.

Let's make some senses out of this. Our beloved Judge Lamarre Belizaire issued so far a total of 5 Court Orders on the Former Haitian President and the all went straight to the garbage.

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Extraction Order issued to escort Jean-Bertrand Aristide to Court Tomorrow

When you think things are settled in the case of Jean Bertrand Aristide, something unexpected arises. Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide is expected o be in court tomorrow, Friday October 10, 2014, whether he wants it or not. According to HCNN, Judge Lamarre Belizaire just issued an extraction order to the Police Chief Godson Orelus to make certain that the Haitian Police bring Mr. Aristide on that date.

The Order of extraction has for objective to ensure that the police brings the former Haitian President in front of him on Friday, at 10:00 am.

Will this really happen?

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Judge Lamarre Belizaire issued arrest warrant against Joel Edward "Pasha" Vorbe

Judge Lamarre Belizaire is at it again. This time he is targeting another high level member of the Lavalas regim. The judge issued on Tuesday an arrest warrant against businessman Joel Edward "Pasha" Vorbe for ignoring his summon to appear in front of him. The Haitian businessman was to appear in front of judge Lamarre Belizaire today(9/16/14) to answer questions related to the investigation on money laundering and criminal conspiracy. Businessman Joel Edward "Pasha" Vorbe neither called or showed up.

According to HCNN, Judge Lamarre Belizaire has issued an arrest warrant against Joel Edward "Pasha" Vorbe as a consequence.

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