Godson Orélus made commitment to arrest Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Investigative Judge Belizaire, frustrated in his attempts to indict ex-President Aristide on corruption charges from his time in office, has called Chief of Police Orelus to Belizaire's office, asking why Orelus has not executed an arrest warrant on Aristide. Belizaire does not have a good answer why he has failed to arrest Aristide, which leads to the conclusion Orelus's department is being defiant. But an officer of the Haitian National Police (HNP) reports Orelus has sworn to Belizaire he will ensure the arrest warrant is served on Aristide. The officer has said the arrest would occur soon since Orelus cannot go against the orders of Belizaire to arrest Aristide. To save face the informant said specifics were being hashed out to get the warrant executed.


HNP are growing desperate because everyone knows threats to arrest Aristide are a charade: ". . . they hope . . . Aristide . . . will cooperate with the police . . ." but obversely ". . . the warrant will be executed, since it is a requirement of the law." Aristide and others of his administration are being charged with embezzlement, drug trafficking, money laundering and other illicit activities.

Minister of Justice, Sanon, has asked Aristide to comply with Belizaire's order ". . . if he wants to contribute to the improvement of the judicial system of his country . . ." a farcical comment, given Orelus has yet to execute the warrant.

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Subject: Godson Orelus made commitment to arrest Jean-Bertrand Aristide edit

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