Under house arrest, Jean Bertrand Aristide to be visited by Haiti opposition leaders

From exile to house arrest, Jean Bertrand Aristide just can't catch a break in Haiti. Following his inclusion on a list of people ordered not to leave the country by investigative judge, Lamarre Belizaire, Aristide has now been put under house arrest, and his list of visitors must be mandated by the presiding judge.


The embattled former leader was quickly reassured, after his current status was made public, he would receive moral support from members of the opposition,who, along with a group of senators, are against the El Rancho accord. The group reportedly promised to visit the twice-deposed former leader despite a ruling by the judge that all visitors needed to seek approval to see the accused. One opposition senator, Sen. Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime, has said that, despite Judge Belizaire's action, under Haitian law, there is no such thing as house arrest.

The allegations for which the former president is now under such hot water are that Aristide, and a number of co-accused, were involve in a drug-trafficking and corruption ring that flourished on the back of the Aristide Foundation. They are said to have stolen millions between the period of 2001 and 2004 from the country's treasury and accepted kickbacks from elements in the world of drug trafficking.

The atmosphere surrounding these events is becoming ever more tense, especially when the factor of the extremely-delayed election is added. Some fear, as expressed by Maxine Waters, a U.S. representative, the situation could lead to more political instability in the country, as well as a loss of lives.

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Subject: Under house arrest, Jean Bertrand Aristide to be visited by Haiti opposition leaders edit

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