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Accessibility of Internet, WiFi, and Solar Energy Lascahobas

Lascahobas is the nexus of an agrarian region situated in the Central Plateau. It lies one hour away from the Dominican Republic border. A population of 7,574 inhabitants lives in the Christian community, but Voodoo practitioners hold festivals several times a year in the foothills.

When Haiti's 2010 earthquake ravaged the island, Lascahobas suffered damage, although its solar panel project proceeded unimpeded. The installation of the last of the panels was finished at the start of 2013. The solar panel project began in 2011 with three partnering entities: Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Green WiFi (GWF), and Inveneo. They collaborated to give Lascahobas solar-infused Internet connectivity. The pilot program chose EFACAP school to be the first recipient of long distance Internet and WiFi hotspots.

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Lascahobas Economy

Lascahobas sits amid the Central Plateau of the island of Haiti. It is a second-level administrative division and the capital of Lascahobas Arrondissement. With a population numbering 41,716 residents, it is a one-hour drive from the Haiti-Dominican republic border. Three sub-divisions comprise Lascahobas, Little Background, Hoye, and Juampus.

In Lascahobas, agriculture drives the economy. Local farmland produces coffee, sisal, tobacco, and sugar crops. Sold at the always-crowded town market, the sale of these products supports commerce as a vital component of the community. A principle reason agrarian activity flourishes in Lascahobas is the well-irrigated farmland that draws water from the Lascahobas River.

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The Town of Lascahobas in Haiti

Lascahobas, Haiti

Lascahobas, situated amid the Central Plateau of Haiti, is a second-tier administrative division, and the Lascahobas Arrondissement capital. It has a population of 41,716 and sits one hour westward from the Haiti-Dominican Republic border. Three sub-divisions make up Lascahobas: Little Background, Hoye, and Juampas.

Agriculture dominates the economy in Lascahobas. Local farmers produce coffee, sisal, tobacco, and sugar. Sold at the busy town market, the purchase of these products keeps commerce a vital force in the community. A primary reason agriculture booms in this town is the Lascahobas River, which irrigates farmland.

The Catholic Church, Saint Gabriel, operates the Lascahobas Hospital with the financial assistance of Friends of the Children of Lascahobas. Based in the U.S., it is a non-government organization dedicated to reducing high rates of starvation, illiteracy, and health problems of residents. Lascahobas's population is predominantly Catholic, but it also has many believers of Voodoo. They frequently hold festivals throughout the year in the foothills.

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