Duvalierism without Duvalier Rule under Henri Namphy

Duvalierist - Henri Namphy - 1986 - 1988 - Manigat - Coup D'Detat - Prosper Avril - General -


The 42nd and 44th president of Haiti, Henri Namphy, who reigned over Haiti for the period between 1986 to 1988 and June 1988 to September 1988, is one of the remarkable figures in Haiti's presidency. During his first reign, he got himself on the throne through National Council of Government that kicked Duvalier out power.

Henri Namphy was not at peace immediately after taking over from Duvalier who had declared himself as the president for life. Strikes and riots were the order of the day and he reacted harshly through sucking top government officials who were diehard royals of his predecessor. His reign was unanimously referred to as the "Duvalierism rule without Duvalier" as he was no better than his predecessor. After a while, however, he was able to put everything under control and secured a two year reign to the beginning of 1988.

Elections put him off from his sovereign title in favor of Leslie Manigat who won the 1988 election with 50.4% of the cast votes. The turnout was sympathetic, never getting beyond 10%. After his succession, Henri resumed his former position as the army commander in Haiti's armed forces. Later the same year, Henri was sucked from his position which made him hit back. He organized the famous June 1988 coup that kicked Leslie Manigat out of power. He enjoyed his reign for a second time but was eventfully kicked out of power through a coup that was organized by General Prosper Avril in September, 1988. Despite his malicious rise to the throne, Henri Namphy's reign remains to be one of the most vivid rules in Haiti.

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