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Leslie Manigat, the 43rd President of Haiti and Renowned Scholar

Leslie Manigat who features in the history of Haiti as the 43rd president is one of the significant icons in the history of Haiti. He was born in 1931 and is a teacher by profession. Though his reign was short-lived lasting from February 1988 to June 1988, he is one of the presidents who have risen to the throne through a democratic election. He overpowered Henri Namphy in 1988 general elections but he was overthrown by the same person in 1988 through a coup d'etat.

Leslie Manigat has been a prominent scholar and has a slew of books and thesis to his name. He is also known with his significant contribution in Haiti's Newspapers through article writing. His teaching career has paved his way to prominent universities around the globe. He has lectured at Yale University, University of Paris, University of West Indies and Johns Hopkins University. Majoring in history, he has made significant impact among many students as he is quite rich in the subject. His involvement in essay writing also made him rank high in Literature which has attracted a Grand Prize in Literature at Book Fair Miami.

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Ruelle Vaillant Massacre

With the active complicity of Haiti's armed forces, the paramilitary neo-Duvalier sabotaged post Duvalier's first ballot. The country would be able to select leaders democratically by this ballot. In Port-au-Prince at the Ruelle Vaillant alley 20 voters were sadly murdered.

Effect of the Terror Wave
The terror wave or a thunderbolt from the sky on 29th November 1987 affected the Artibonite and other departments. This massacre announced the country's general context of 26th April 1986 or in 22nd June 1987 to 29th November 1987.

General Henri Namphy, chairman of the National Council of Government was not in favor of the electoral process. Through different measures he demonstrated this which escaped the Army's control. He got his own writ published on 22nd June 1987 by ignoring the 1987 constitution.

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