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Limbe, A Historic Haitian City

Limbé is located in Haiti's Nord Department. In the Limbe Arrondissement, it is a municipality inhabited by 32200 inhabitants as per 2003 census. After Cap Haitien it is the second most important city. Bas-Limbe and Limbe are the two communes which include other seven rural sections. It is located to the north of Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince at a distance of 220 km. L'Acul-du-Nord, Bas-Limbé, Cap-Haïtien, Port-Margot and Plaisance are the neighboring cities and towns to access from Limbe.

From where does Limbe derives its strength

Limbe city derives its strength and a base of diverse agriculture from the Limbe River. Near the sea in Bas-Limber, rice is produced and in the city's surrounding areas, mango, coffee, banana and fruits of other kinds are produced.

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Christian University of North Haiti - Universite Chretienne du Nord d'Haiti (UCNH)

The Christian University of North Haiti aims to prepare people for better Christian lives. They offer scholarships and are uniquely placed to give aid to those in the country outside the scope of a tertiary education because of their lack of proximity to the cities which house contemporary universities. The school offers a four-year tertiary education from its Limbe location in northern Haiti, near Cap Haitian, going for a rate that is attainable for the poorer set in the more rural environs.

The endeavor began in 1947, when missionaries obtained the location from the owners of a rubber plantation and started a seminary camp which averaged fifteen students a year. That number rose exponentially and today, hundreds of students are enrolled at UCNH.

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Universite Caraibes, Haiti

The Caribbean University is one which focuses on the benefits that can be derived for the Haitian community through education and research. With a faculty and administration of top professors and specialists, the school aims to develop minds individually and collectively to help the coming work force to develop their virtues they can then add to society to enhance the country.

To foster this, the school offers a variety of courses under the faculties of Computer Science, Agronomy, Education, Secretarial Office, Management Science and Accounting, and Engineering Science. The school boasts modern facilities and includes the requisite computer lab, equipped with laptop computers and various hardware add-ons that increase their efficiency, so necessary for a thorough education today.

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