Universite Caraibes, Haiti

The Caribbean University is one which focuses on the benefits that can be derived for the Haitian community through education and research. With a faculty and administration of top professors and specialists, the school aims to develop minds individually and collectively to help the coming work force to develop their virtues they can then add to society to enhance the country.


To foster this, the school offers a variety of courses under the faculties of Computer Science, Agronomy, Education, Secretarial Office, Management Science and Accounting, and Engineering Science. The school boasts modern facilities and includes the requisite computer lab, equipped with laptop computers and various hardware add-ons that increase their efficiency, so necessary for a thorough education today.

An important part of what the Universite Caraibes has to offer their growing body of students is their online courses. Courses in English, Office Administration, An Introduction to Computers and French Composition can be taken online by those unable to enroll to full-time courses because of geography or for economic reasons. The online courses also serve to make education more accessible to those who cannot devote their time to full-time study because of issues of work, other schooling, etc.

The Caribbean University College, fondly called CUC, did not escape the 2010 earthquake unscathed. In fact, like most of schools in Haiti, they suffered major losses to infrastructure, not to mention the loss of about 42 members of their staff and their student body. Out of the tragedy they founded the CUC Haitian Education Foundation. A charity which takes donations, it aims to give assistance to students and teachers still suffering the effects of the earthquake.

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