Luckner Cambronne, high-ranking figure in Francois Duvalier's regime

One among those powerful individuals during Francois Duvalier's regime as the President of Haiti was Luckner Cambronne. Nicknamed as the "Vampire of the Caribbean", Luckner struck terror among hearts of innocent people because of his terrorist and ruthless deeds. Born to a poor preacher and working as a mere teller in a bank, Luckner grew to second in terms of power solely because of his alliance with Francois Duvalier.


Luckner Cambronne grew high up in power because of his reputation, a reputation of sheer brutality and enforcement. He was no more than a messenger for Francois Duvalier when he started, however grew to be second in power because of his cruelty. His time in power was set apart by what was called his "embezzlement" campaign. He used the public funds for his own personal interests and hardly bothered about people in Haiti. During this time, the opposition parties did not even stand a chance. Luckner Cambronne fronted an operation that threatened, killed or sometimes "disappeared" people from the opposition.

Luckner Cambronne made huge profits by selling Haitian blood and corpses to the West stating medical reasons. He would just go out and pick people on his own for this purpose and it was this act that he was highly criticized. After the death of Francois Duvalier, Luckner Cambronne literally ran out of power. She showed interest of continuing as the Prime Minister under the rule of Francois Duvalier's son, Jean-Claude Duvalier, however Jean-Claude's mother was against this and persisted that Luckner Cambronne be exiled.

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