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Ecole Nationale Edeze Gousse and Lycee Celie Lamour in Jacmel access to handicap

The Government of Haiti in collaboration with USAID took part in the reopening up of some existing primary and secondary schools in Jacmel that were recently equipped with facilities for the handicapped. These schools, which are Ecole Nationale Edèze Gousse and Lycée Célie Lamour, have some items installed in them such as paved alleyways, adapted toilets, ramps and handrails.

The Secretary of State for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities in Haiti, Mr. Gerald Oriol, said that this rehabilitation of the schools opens up opportunities for the handicapped youth, and it is also a means of sensitizing the community on the importance of having such facilities and other public facilities accessible to the public as well as to the people with disabilities so that they are fully incorporated in the society.

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