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New York Attorney General Uncovers Fraud in Wyclef Jean's Yele Foundation

Internationally-recognized Haitian-American and Hip-Hop musician, Wyclef Jean, established his Yele foundation, in 2005. After the 2010 earthquake struck Haiti, Yele contracted with HVS Global Hospitality Services to offer a six-month hospitality training course. Yele's payout in monthly installments was to total $285,000. To date HVS has been paid only 61% of the total, causing HVS to file suit in New York City's Supreme Court.

Wyclef Jean's celebrity allowed his foundation to collect nearly $2 million from international donors within a short time-period post-quake. But after some Haitian businesses filed their own lawsuits against Yele for defaulting on debt payments to them, an auditing firm examined the foundation's books and uncovered an embezzlement scheme. Yele had been funneling money to Jean, his business contacts, and family members from $16 million in foundation funds accrued over several years. It was also discovered by the Attorney General of New York Yele had not paid income taxes for a number of years. In response Yele liquidated its assets and hid them.

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CREFIMA Universite, Haiti

Can one become licensed in their chosen career field in as little as three months?

CREFIMA Université promises this is indeed possible. The private university in Port-au-Prince, which was founded in 2004, boasts courses that take three years for complete certification in the fields of Finance, Accounts, Management, and Project Management. Adding to this impressive roster, they also give courses in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Marketing.

To become enrolled at CREFIMA Université and benefit from their accelerated learning courses, designed to get professional, competent people out into the work force at a quicker pace, but without sacrificing education, one must meet the requirements of, for the first year, a degree in Bacc2, for the second and third year, a degree in Bacc2 plus a first or second year university course.

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