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Marc Louis Bazin, Haiti's functionary in the United Nations

Marc Louis Bazin who was functionary of the United Nations and Minister of Finance and Economy in the Haitian government was born on March 6th, 1932. The military which had seized power made him the Prime Minister in June 1992.

Grew To Be a Favorite of US

Soon Marc Louis Bazin became the President of Haiti and continued in the post for a year. He was the favorite Haitian presidential candidate for the Bush administration in US. The military dictatorship was harming foreign relations and the government had gone in for free elections.

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Judge Joseph Nerette, Haiti Provisional President

Joseph Nerette was born on April 9th in the year 1924. He lived for 83 years and his life saw many ups and downs. He was popular Haitian judge and had a long political career which culminated as the President of Haiti.

Provisional President

Joseph Nérette was the 48th president of Haiti. While he served his term as the president of Haiti Jean-Jacques Honorat was the Prime Minister. He was a provisional president of Haiti as the actual power rested with the military.

The military was headed by Michel Francois and Raoul Cedras who were really powerful leaders. As the power rested with the military there were no major changes initiated by Joseph Nérette as a president of Haiti.

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Role of Prime Minister of Haiti and List

The Haitian Prime Minister heads the country's government and shares executive powers with the head of state. The holder of the Prime Minister post is appointed by the incumbent president and gets approval from the National assembly.

The Prime Minister has the responsibility of law enforcement vested upon him and works alongside the president to ensure national defense.

Previous Haitian Prime Ministers:

February 9, 1988 - June 20, 1988 - Martial Célestin

June 20, 1988 - February 13, 1991 - Post abolished

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Mr. Marc Louis Bazin, AKA Mr. Clean has died

The Haitian "Joudalist" just learned that Mr. Marc Bazin, who is a former world Bank official, , former World Bank fuctionary, and former Haiti Prime Minister passed away on wednesday, June 16, at the age of 78. It is also reported that he passed away after a long fight with Prostate cancer.

Marc Louis Bazin was a former the finance minister under Jean-Claude Duvalier. It is reported that Mr. Bazin attempted to fight corruption under Duvalier, but was unsuccessful.

During the Aristide era, Mr. Bazin was considered the one who could get the country out of its problem. He was considered the favorite candidate for the international community and and acceptable alternative to Aristide by the Haitian elite.

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