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Dr. Maryse Narcisse candidate for Fanmi lavalas Party, is this a test?

The Coordinator Of Fanmi Lavalas, Dr. Maryse Narcisse,has been nominated to become the Fanmi Lavalas candidate for the next presidential election in Haiti. Some see it as a normal progression since she has been a long time party loyalist and a close friend of Jean Bertrand Aristide. However, many people think this nomination is no other than a test being conducted by the Fanmi Lavalas to collect some reactions before the ultimate decision is taken.

Here is something that would make one pose and think for a moment!

According to some theories being circulated, the Lavalas party is well aware of the limitation of Dr. Maryse Narcisse. Although she has been a loyal member of the party and even more important, the closest confident of former President Jean Bertrand Aristide, at least in public, she lacks certain skills necessary to bring the Lavalas party together to win the next presidential election.

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Maryse Narcisse, Pasha Vorbe and Antony Dessources for Fanmi Lavalas

An occasion to be talked about for months to come, the recent staging of the first meeting for inter-Haitian dialogue was witness to the presence of representatives of the party Fanmi Lavalas, staunch opponents of the dialogue as before they had expressed that they did not feel the conditions were yet right to hold such talks. It was then, with great surprise, that the dialogue was presented with the party's coordinator, Maryse Narcisse, Antony Dessources and Pasha Vorbe.

Their newfound interest might have something to do with the fact that MOPOD recently threw themselves into the lot as a political party, all with the aim of ousting the current ruling administration of Martelly/Lamothe. Making the case even more curious when one remembers that it was just December 2, 2013 when Fanmi Lavalas itself denounced two of their own leading members, Deputy Arnel Bélizaire and Senator Moïse Jean-Charles, for demanding much the same thing.

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Fanmi Lavalas changes course, now wants Michel Martelly out

The Lavalas Political Party must admit this: Moise Jean Charles has demonstrated that he is more stable than the hierarchy of the Lavalas Party, including Maryse Narcisse and team. After they publicly announced their distance with Moise Jean Charle and Arnel Belizaire, joined the table of inter-Haitian dialogue, they finally realized that Moise Jean Charles was right after all. Fanmi Lavalas changed course, calling for general elections.

The "On" again, "Off" again positions of the Lavalas party.

As part of their new position, Fanmi Lavalas announces a big demonstration for Thursday, February 27, to demand the organization of general elections this year.

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Fanmi lavalas is now a disfunctional family

The Video that says it all: Division in Fanmi Lavalas. The supporters of Moise Jean Charles would not let Maryse Narcisse talk. Can this division actually take down Fanmi Lavalas?

Here is the video that will explain all that. D

What do you think will likely happen?

Will Moise Jean Charles and Arnel Belizaire be reinstated in the Fanmi lavalas to avoid any further problem/

What do you think Jena Bertrand Aristide should do at this point?

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Maryse Narcisse & Moise Jean Charles, two sides of the same coin

Here is a video of Simon Dieuseul Desras in an unsuccessful attempt to reconcile Maryse Narcisse and Moise Jean Charles. In this meeting recently held in the City of les cayes, Senator Deras did his best to bring the two sides together but it did not work. Moise Jean Charles and Maryse Narciss stayed in opposite sides of the Fanmi lavalas party.

Monchè se sa ke mwen rele "Teate". Eske nou konnin gade match Resling? Se pa lot bagay se yon match resling. Nan match resling, nou konnin ke bagay yo pa vre, min nou rinmin gade li: paceke ginyin kompetisyon ki fè ke li interessan. Anbin, nan ka Fanmi Lavalas ki divise antre Maryse Narcisse et Moise Jean Charles, se minm bagay-la. Pa gin anyin ki verite nan sa. Meciedam yo ak jwe ak moun et sa ki interessan-an, nou tout pran nan jwet la.

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La Fanmi Divize, Camp Maryse Narcisse Vs. Camp Moise Jean Charles

In a reunion organized in the city of Les Cayes, the division in the political party appears to be more obvious. As you can see in this video, the majority of the the participants in this meeting were in favor of Moise Jean Charles and not so much in favor of Maryse Narcisse.

Ki sa ki pou fet lè ke giyin problem nan kay la?

Maryse Narcisse was having such a tough time conducting the meeting with the supporters of Moise Jean charles making noises, as Maryse was speaking. Is this a sign that the division in Fanmi Lavalas will eventually split the party?

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Moise Jean-Charles in open conflict with Fanmi Lavalas Hierarchy

People say a picture is worth a thousand words. With this new development in the Fanmi Lavalas where there is a public conflict between Senator Moise Jean-Charles and Deputy Arnel Belizaire on the one side and Maryse Narcisse, Pasha Vorbe and Claude Roumain on the other, I call it simple Sibling Rivalry.

Mezanmi, Mwen ta Konseye Nou Gade Bagay la Pi Prè

Here is the picture that makes sense to me in term of how I see the new and restructured Lavalas Party following this new development:


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Fanmi Lavalas Ba Moise Jean-Charles et Arnel Belizaire yon bwa Long Kimbe

Eske nou panse ke Jean Bertrand Aristide et Maryse Narcisse panse ke 2 mesye sa yo, Senator Moise Jean-Charles et Deputy Arnel Belizaire, indesirab oubien ke se yon strategy ke Pati Fanmi lavalas la ape jwe ak moun serye? I have some doubt!

In a press conference, the group responsible for Fanmi Lavalas stated that these two individuals are not members of the party and also never showed their interest to become member. As a result, any statement made by Senator Moise Jean-Charles and Deputy Arnel Belizaire in the press is not in any way, form or shape the opinion of the party.

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Dr. Maryse Narcisse called Manman Lavalas by the crowd

One of the most important individuals in the anti-government demonstration was Dr Maryse Narcisse. Here is a video of Dr Maryse Narcisse during the manifestation that took place on November 29.

Throughout the march on November 29, Dr. Maryse Narcisse was referred to by the supporting crowd as Manman Lavalas

Not Jean Bertrand Aristide but Dr. Narciss is the face and the spokeperson for the Fanmi Lavalas.

"Sanble Dr. Narciss te pran kek bon Gagan nan Manifestasyon sa"

It appears that the number two in Fanmi Lavalas was obligated to be escorted to her car as the crowd was heavy.

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Anti Martelly protest underway to commemorate Ruelle Vaillant Massacre

It has been reported that the protest is well and they are in direction to the American Embassy as promised. There is also report that another major protest is currently taking place in the city of Cap-Haitian as well. They are close to Gerals Bataille

Here is a step by step report of the protest:

2:00 PM: Heavy police presence at the crossroads Fleuriot, the main road leading to the US Embassy in Por-au-Prince.
The police dispersed with tear gas protesters who wanted to reach the US Embassy. Another leg of the protesters headed by Fanmi Lavalas party Maryse Narcisse went to Ruelle Vaillant.

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