Moise Jean-Charles in open conflict with Fanmi Lavalas Hierarchy

People say a picture is worth a thousand words. With this new development in the Fanmi Lavalas where there is a public conflict between Senator Moise Jean-Charles and Deputy Arnel Belizaire on the one side and Maryse Narcisse, Pasha Vorbe and Claude Roumain on the other, I call it simple Sibling Rivalry.


Mezanmi, Mwen ta Konseye Nou Gade Bagay la Pi Prè

Here is the picture that makes sense to me in term of how I see the new and restructured Lavalas Party following this new development:


A: Jean Bertrand Aristide as the Spiritual Leader of LAVALAS with two major currents: The Lavalas Hierarchy and Baz Lavalas, managing both.

B: The Lavalas Hierarchy likely to be headed by Maryse Narcisse is to be a moderate group, respecting all political rules and regulations with the objective to acquire power. "Fok Prezidan-an Fè 5 An", "Pa gin violans",

C: The Baz Lavalas, likely to be headed by Moise Jean Charles has for objective to rally the deprived, unsatisfied Haitian mass. "Revandicasyon Pep", "Dechoukage", "Moun an Ro Vs Moun Anba", "Moun Rich Vs Moun Pov", "Ti Neg Roug Vs ti Neg Nwè", all included.

Please tell me if you are looking at it from the same angle with me

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Subject: Moise Jean-Charles in open conflict with Fanmi Lavalas Hierarchy edit

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