New national identification card for Haitian to be open in Miami Haiti consulate

Flying to Haiti from Miami for the sole purpose of obtaining a national identification card will be a thing of the past as the Miami Haiti consulate will begin issuing new cards within the next month. This document is necessary for the ability to vote in Haitian elections as well as to obtain a Haitian passport.


The Haitian diaspora is necessary to Haiti, as such, having the link between Haitians living abroad and the Caribbean country be easy is highly important. Even though there has been a three-year delay on the calling of the local elections in Haiti, the reports are that people always flock to the necessary office when they arrive in the country, making the issuing of their papers a number-one priority. Still, making the advent of diaspora voting work isn't without its kinks, as the country has yet to test whether the program will work due to the delay in the local elections.

By next month, however, the National Identification Office (ONI) will open their office at the Haiti Miami Consulate, where cards of 10-year validity will be issued with assigned numbers in the fashion of the Social Security number. Still, the process of using documents to identify Haitians is tricky. Even in the country, only 60% of the population has been assigned documents, though all are required at birth to have a number. Outside of the country, it is becoming harder for some diaspora members to prove their nationality because to do so might endanger their status in countries like the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas.

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