President Michel Martelly announced elections postponing already three years overdue

There seems to be no end to the election nightmare taking place in Haiti as, yet again, the nation's leader, President Michel Martelly, has made an announcement detailing the further delay of the already years' long overdue elections. It was news that was, understandably, met with great dissent.


On Sunday, October 26, 2014, the president announced the postponement of the legislative and municipal elections that were originally slated for 3 years ago, ironically on the same day the elections should have been held. Martelly, failing to name a date for the elections, could only say that it would be "as soon as possible" - news that didn't appeal to the masses, as the violent protests that followed showed. Martelly, in a statement to explain the decision, stated the reason for the further delay being the inability to assure political stability.

On Sunday, voters anticipated going to the polls to vote for various municipal officials, 102 deputies and 20 senators. When the announcement was made that the elections were postponed, some organized to have the masses turn out to the stations anyway to demonstrate by their mere presence and their ID's and red cards to signify their votes.

If no elections for the 20 senatorial seats are held before January 2015, the president would continue to rule by decree. It is this that some hold up as the reason for the inexplicable delays, while President Martelly and his administration cite the refusal of the legislature to sign the El Rancho Agreement. Members of opposing political parties would nullify this excuse, citing that the agreement would actually tip the elections in the favor of the president.

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