Parliament Charges Diaspora Minister Bernice Fidélia is an American Citizen

The latest scandal in the Haitian Parliament concerns the citizenship status of now-resigned Minister of the Diaspora (MOD), Bernice Fidélia. Ms. Fidélia recently submitted her resignation letter to Prime Minister Lamothe, and he has been reluctant to make public that document. His office gave a terse statement to the press that omitted the reasons she resigned.


Senate member John Joel Joseph claimed at a meeting of Parliament and the Prime Minister on June 4th that Ms. Fidélia is an American citizen. Within days of that meeting, she tendered her resignation in a letter to Lamothe. Since then, more senators believe Joseph's claims, or else why her sudden leave-taking?

Senate member Bien-Aimé is certain the ex-minister has been deceiving Parliament, and is asking the Haitian Judiciary Department to initiate proceedings against Ms. Fidélia. Senate member Benoit joins him in his opinion and publicly tasks Government Commissioner Delille to give Ms. Fidélia a fair hearing to determine her citizenship status.

At issue is the fact Fidélia resided in America where she met current President Martelly, later becoming his MOD, once he came to power. And by extension, opposition leaders want to implicate Martelly as also being an American citizen.

Extending the probe even further, Parliament has requested Lamothe to release documentation papers of every GOH minister under Martelly. The heart of the issue is that any Haitian, who is an American citizen, may not assume the responsibilities of a government of Haiti position.

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