Marc-Elie Nelson, new Minister of the Ministry of Haitians Living Abroad

Whether the new Director General of MHAVE (the Ministry of Haitians Living Abroad) would find trouble with his new appointment because it had not initially been approved by the GREH's (the Grand Rally for the Development of Haiti) General Assembly was a great cause for drama recently. While Marc-Élie Nelson had been appointment as the new Minister, his still current role as president of the GREH was set to stir up trouble because of the lack of consent from the GREH's highest body.


The Acting Minister of MHAVE, Pierre-Richard Casimir, installed the new Minister recently, with witnesses including many prominent members of the government and Youri Latortue, the President's Political Adviser, into a seat that the party founder and one time colonel, Rébu Himmler thinks shows an endeavor to demolish the principles and values of the party. While, word from the former Minister of Haitians Living Abroad is that the move to put Marc-Elie Nelson as the new Minister of the Ministry of Haitians Living Abroad rather shows the current President's willingness to work with those of a different view.

Subsequently, the General Assembly of GREH met and came to the decision to allow Marc-Elie Nelson to take up the post as Director General of the MHAVE, stating that it was in compliance with the GREH's statutes. The path has now cleared for Nelson to properly assume the task from former Minister Joseph Leprince Augustin. Undoubtedly, many wait to see how Nelson handles his tasks, including working with the Diaspora's in their participation in matters back home, and helping them to assimilate well in their new countries.

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