Digicel subscriber numbers fell in Haiti

After a very promising start at the launch of their new subscriber package in Haiti, telecommunications giant Digicel has reported a fall in their subscriber numbers in the country and other Caribbean neighbors in recent months. The loss valued at $7million takes their profit in the three months counted, ending in September, to only $691 million.


Their numbers took the a most dramatic dip in Haiti, a market that had proved so promising before with the company dominating at 75% market share, falling by 6% in their subscriber numbers and 11% in sales. This loss is juxtaposed with a growth rate of 2%, but the problem, according to the company headed by Irish billionaire Denis O'Brien, can be found in the sliding dollar phenomenon experienced in countries such as Haiti, Jamaica and Papua New Guinea.

In Jamaica, their revenues fell to $107 million, a 9% drop, a circumstance, they explain, of the 12% decline of the Jamaican dollar. The story is only slightly different in El Salvador, although there are plans for the launch of a 4G service and an increase of 7% in their subscriber base, revenues from that country were at $28 million, a fall of $3 million.

Still, the news isn't all bleak for Digicel. In Suriname, the British Virgin Islands, Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana, Digicel reported an increase in their sales to the tune of millions of dollars. In T&T alone their sales escalation to $64 million, a 13% increase and they saw 4% growth in the other mentioned countries.

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