Opposition Protestors Hurl Insults at U.S. Ambassador to Haiti

Pamela White, U.S. Ambassador to Haiti, to make clear on where the U.S. stands regarding the political opposition of the Martelly-Lamothe government, requested a meeting. Four parties of the opposition responded: MOPOD, Ayisyen pou Ayiti, INITE, and Fusion of the Social Democrats.


The meeting was held at FUSION headquarters with heavy security surrounding the building: the SWAT unit; the Departmental Unit for Maintaining Order; and other National Police of Haiti departmental units. White wanted to counter inaccurate reports in the media and the rumor mill about what White's attitude was regarding the stalemate between Martelly and the opposition parties, concerning the looming constitutional crisis.

At the meeting Ambassador White heard out the opposition leaders, and what they said to her was "The current political crisis concerning Haitians . . . is their responsibility . . . to find a solution" That meant Martelly and Lamothe stepping down, a provisional government put in place, and a new electoral council to organize general elections.

Agitated and angry protestors insulted and threatened White as she left the meeting, shouting "Go home, go home, Pamela." Visibly shaken, she was quickly driven away in an Embassy vehicle. The Haitian government reacted strongly to protestors' threats against White after the FUSION meeting, condemning their behavior, saying the ". . . acts constitute a flagrant violation of international conventions . . . . (and) at the same time . . . to apologize to the Embassy of the United States."

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