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Imposs, Haitian Canadian rapper

Imposs is a well known Canadian rapper from Haitian origin. He was born and brought up in Quebec. The artist has given some awesome rap songs to the world and was a part of the Muzion music group. He had a total change of life when he started with his solo singing career, which gave him his unique identity. He has also worked in collaboration with Wyclef Jean. K.Pone.Inc music label is associated with this rapper for his music productions. He is world renowned for "Real City" phrase dubbing for Montreal. His real name is S. Rimsky Salgado.

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Jason Derulo, A Multi-Talented Entertainer

Jason Joel Desrouleaux, birth date September 21,1989, goes by Jason Derulo, easier to say and remember. He is an American singer-composer, actor, dancer, of Haitian descent. Raised in Miami, Florida, the artist began performing at age five, penning his first song, "Crush on You", when he was only eight. He studied opera, theater, and ballet at a performing arts center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, finally graduating from New York's American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

Beginning at age 16, Jason Joel Desrouleaux has been composing material for Diddy, Danity Kane, and Lil Wayne, among other recording artists, and had dreamed of being a solo recording artist. His singing, dancing, and acting in Broadway productions prepared him to win the grand prize on Showtime at the Apollo's TV season finale. Music producer J.R. Rotem signed him to Rotem's label, Beluga Heights Records, and his work ethic has been characterized as "one of the most impressive work ethics . . . he just keeps knocking out songs in the studio" . . . . "an amazing quality."

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Jean Alcindor, member of Skah Shah

He is a Haitian born star that has been able to achieve much more than other musicians have in the past couple of years. Jean Alcindor was born and raised in Haiti where he established his career in the music industry and where he also got noticed by his fans and had a great time raising as a star. He is an old member of Skah Shah and was a great hit back then.

Jean Alcindor has ever since his childhood been attracted and interested in the music industry and has worked hard to ensure that he is able to raise to where he currently is by simply working to ensure that everything he does is a great hit in the industry. As such he has reached a height not reached by others and has been able to easily make it for the good of the country.

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Jean Herard Richard "Richie" to be honored by County Commissioner Jean Monestime

Jean Herard Richard "Richie" is a talented composer, singer and a drummer. He was a member of Zenglen and was among the artist who gave tributes to over 300,000 Haitians who died from the earth quake in 2010.

Jean Herard Richard "Richie confirmed rumors that were spreading that he wanted to leave Zenglen group to be on his own because he thinks he will make more money. He seems to imitate Gazzman Couleur who left Nu look and formed his own band group. Rumors say that he will be joined by some members of Zenglen and Gazzman Couleur.

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Jean Michel Daudier

Jean Michel Daudier is a popular musician in Haiti. Born in a family of Musicians and poets, Jean learned to play the guitar at a tender age of 15 years. Jean Michel became famous in 1986.

This was after he wrote a protest song called "Lem pa we soley la" which when translated means 'When I don't see the Sunshine.' The song supported the fight against the former dictator Baby Doc in Haiti. The song was contentious and this made people find themselves in cells for singing it.

Jean Michel Daudier has expanded his musical styles and now he possesses an ability to convey strong emotions through the beautiful music he writes. He sets scenes and moods with his beautiful playing and also in his way of writing intensely personal and vivid lyrics. This has made him travel to many countries. He also performed at the Broward Performing Art Center for Martin Luther king Jr birthday Celebrations.

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Jerry "Wonda" Duplessis, Haitian composer and record producer

Jerry "Wonda" Duplessis, a musician who is self-taught on several musical instruments, is a Haitian composer and record producer. Born in a sub-section of Port-au-Prince, the young muscian, at 16, arrived in the U.S., to be raised by his father and aunt, Wyclef Jean's mother. He turned the family's basement into a recording studio, Booga Basement, for musicians in the area. As his career started to take off, in 2001 Wonda would open his Platinum Sound Recording Studios in Times Square, New York City.

In the years of their producing partnership, Jerry "Wonda" Duplessis and Wyclef produced a Caribbean-flavored group soon to be known as "The Fugees". "The Fugees" and Wonda/Wyclef struck gold with a cover of Roberta Flack's "Killing Me Softly" on Pop and R&B charts, their success reaching an even higher peak, when their album "The Score" achieved global success as one of the best-selling hip-hop albums of all time.

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Carl Fredric Behrmann, band leader of Dega

Carl Fredric Behrmann is the band leader of an emerging group Dega; which became famous with its very first release. The album's title is Bali gas and has 12 top pieces. Dega has come out as a blend of great work of Bassist Djakout Mizik and Absolute Herman; they have great contribution on drum, bass and cymbals. Carl Fredric could also manage to convince Wyclef Jean and Roberto Marino for their guest appearance for the success of his album.

The album by Carl Fredric is dedicated to love and to women. There is 'Espresso' and "Ki pou'm his fe" in which he expresses the feelings of young hearts towards their passion for music. You may also say that in the song he has portrayed his own life where he convinced his family for the music which he would like to peruse as a career and would like to make his lucky charm. Carl Fredric's father was a famous ford distributer and this song says how he won over his father's hart for music.

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Carline Pierre Bartley, Haitian Singer

Carline Pierre Bartley was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti where she attended school and founded her interest in the music industry. She started singing at a very tender age where she sang about the various issues she had in mind. She at first sang in her local church where she was so good at it that she eventually decided to sing gospel songs. She mostly sings about the various things that inspire here such as God and the various issues about her country.

Pierre Bartley has done some patriotic songs where she sings on her love for her country and where she expresses all her emotions especially when it comes to the various issues affecting the country. She is married and with 2 children whom she is raising in Haiti and whom she hopes of growing up with the best tender care that she so much adores.

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Charles Andre Dorismond AKA Bigga Haitian, reggae musician

Charles Andre Dorismond, aka Bigga Haitian, was born on 4th November, 1964 and acquired fame as a Haitian-American entertainer. He rose in the 1990s and he is considered to be the first Haitian artist to enter the Jamaican reggae scene. He overcame national and cultural barriers and created the way for a new genre of Haitian music.

Dorismond's stage name is Bigga Haitian. He was born to a family of musicians. His own father led The Webert Sicot Group who introduced Kompa, Haitian dance music. Charles Andre Dorismond lived in his native city Port-au-Prince for 8 years before leaving to New York. He grew up in the midst of a Jamaican community Flatbush in Brooklyn.

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Ayenn Starks, Haitian musician raised in the US

Ayenn Starks is a musician born in New York in the US but by Haitian parents. He was raised in the US where he grew up to love and acquire an interest in the music industry. He also has a lot of interest in various instruments such as the piano and the keyboard where he has produced songs with these instruments and where he has clearly shown how much talent he has.

There a couple of songs he has done all about love where Ayenn Starks has shown how easy he can come up with something so captivating to the listeners and how easy he can combine the various different versions of Haitian music styles with those of the French to come up with something so wonderful and lovely. He is thus one exceptionally talented musician with a great future ahead.

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