Olivier Martelly not in jail, attends PetroCaribe with Father in Jamaica

This is a picture of Olivier Martelly arriving at the airport in Montigo Bay, Jamaica on September 5, 2015. With this picture appearing now it doesn't put a stop on the rumors that have been circulating lately, but rather generates even more questions.


On September 5, 2015, Olivier Martelly, the son of Haitian President Michel Martelly was noticed arriving at the airport in Montigo Bay, Jamaica for attending the PetroCaribe conference with his father in Jamaica. Earlier, there was report of his arrest in the U.S by Federal law enforcement, but the details of his case appeared to be confidential. Some sources suggest that he was taken into custody and charged with money laundering, and tax evasion, together with his mother, both are U.S citizens, and thus subject to tax liability on their worldwide income, wherever it is earned. He has been rumored to be part of an organized gang in Haiti that has participated in a wide variety of criminal acts. Furthermore, he was arrested in the U.S for cocaine and heroin trafficking from Colombia. He had an alleged involvement with a freighter seized with cocaine in Jeremy. The ship was owned by one of Haiti's richest family involved in the textile industry in the island. There was a rumor that Olivier was placed under house arrest in the United States because of his involvement with this narcotics trafficking in the U.S. A bond for his parole was set at five million U.S Dollar. The picture of his arrival at the airport published over the media might put a cap on the rumors of his arrest but it would definitely generate more questions. In November 2012, Olivier Martelly was accused of his close association with Clifford Brandt, the son of a wealthy Haitian businessman who was the mastermind behind an alleged kidnapping ring. On June 25, 2015, Olivier Martelly spent over $1,000,000 in state funds to bring Chris Brown and Lil Wayne to Haiti to attain one afternoon concert in the Champs de Mars. The Gulfstream 4, which costs $5,000 per hour, plus landing fees, crew, refreshments, and a load of other add-ons-- could have been covered by a couple of thousand on American Airlines. The fund could be better used to buy food for Haiti's starving kids, or help the 300,000 Haitians being deported from the Dominican Republic as stateless.

Rumors circulating in the media would want us to believe that the elder son of President Michel Martelly, Olivier Martelly, is currently in jail in the United States. According to these rumors, the decision was made by U.S. authorities after questioning Olivier about cocaine trafficking from a boat recently captured in Haiti belonging to a reach family in the island

The source also revealed that Olivier Martelly was in jail and his bond was set at five Million for his parole

Is Olivier Martelly really involved in drug trafficking?

Was he really in jail?

Has he bailed out?

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Patrice Thomas says...

I think it is right to continue and closely investigate this

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Subject: Olivier Martelly not in jail, attends PetroCaribe with Father in Jamaica edit

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