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Pamela Anderson to run in New York City marathon for Haitian charity

Demonstrating her desire to be a part of the solution to Haiti's dire circumstance as the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, still reeling from the effects of 2010's earthquake, former star of Baywatch and one of the most iconic faces and names in popular culture, Pamela Anderson announced, in the same way all new high-profile bits of information gets released nowadays, via twitter, that she will be running in the New York Marathon this year, hoping to raise funds to benefit the Caribbean country.

The charity the actress, model, and mom wishes to raise money for is the J/P Relief Organization, the darling of her friend and associate, actor, Sean Penn, whose own interest in Haiti and its relief since the earthquake has been well documented. At last count, she'd raised nearly $8,500, but, with a benchmark of $500,000, the former wife of rocker, Tommy Lee, has a mountain to surmount in time for the marathon.

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Star Pamela Anderson Runs First-Time Marathon for Haiti Relief

The ING New York City Marathon was held recently to raise funds for Haiti's reconstruction projects and relief agency work happening there. Canadian actress Pamela Anderson, formerly of Baywatch fame, participated in the race. She was representing non-profit organization, J/P HRO. A Haitian contingent also ran in the race, including Astrel Clovis, who completed the run in two hours and forty-six minutes. Clovis's team will be running next June 2014 in the Petion-Ville Half Marathon.

Pamela Anderson had never competed in a race before, but was game for the challenge. She had just six weeks to prepare. Her strenuous workouts several days a week helped her with endurance. She does a full-body workout, using free weights and cardio training. She ran with brother, Gerry, and raised $75,864 in funds for Haiti.

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