Haitian Town of Pestel

Pestel is located in Haiti in the Grand' Anse Department in the Corail Arrondissement. Around 36,138 people inhabit this place. Pestel is a place, difficult to get out to and hence too many people don't go there.


Reaching Pestel
A plane has to be taken to Jeremie from Port-au-Prince after which it takes around three and a half hours by boat, car or truck to reach Pestel. There was no access to cell phone or electricity in the year 2007. Citerns were used to collect water, then but now the place is progressing. More cisterns have been constructed and Chateau Deau's are installed to provide families with water.

Medical Care Status
Two doctors and three nurses are available at practitioner level. Basic medical care is provided to families living up in the mountains. Along Pestel's coast there will be a public school, presently. Charitable organizations run the other schools.

People in Pestel are interested in health education, education, health care and clean water. Help is being sought from people who are willing to advocate the needy and poor, raise funds, etc that can benefit Pestel.

Main Priorities for Pestel
Hiring teachers is expensive and hence some of the school buildings are not used. People live in extreme poverty at Pestel. There are prolonged dry spells, leaving the people travelling across to other communities in search of water.

Main health priorities for Pestel include clean and safe water, reducing death in children caused due to diarrhea and pneumonia and providing adequate supplies to the health care team to ensure that they can accomplish their mission easily.

Commitment to Help
Pestel is in great need. By God's greatness, some have taken up the commitment to help out the people in Pestel. A network of community leaders has been built to take up village ownership. Schools are already run, and there are hopes to develop a trade school and trade center for sewing. People willing to help can make the most of the real opportunity by giving their resources and talents to the poor communities of Pestel.

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