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Jeremie - Haiti the City Of Poets

Jérémie is located in the Jeremie Arrondissement in Haiti and is the capital city of the Grand'Anse Department. It was founded in 1756. Navasa Island is located around 40 nautical miles to the west of the city.

The City Of Poets

Numerous historians, writers as well as poets were born in Jeremie city and hence it is termed as the city of poets. Prominent writers such as Etzer Vilaire and Emile Roumer were born here. General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, the father of Alexandre Dumas Pere a historic novelist, was born in Jeremie. Very close to the city, flows the Grand-Anse River.

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Airplane crash in Grand'Anse, Jeremie, no survival

June 25, 2013: 4:30 PM (update):
As it is usually the case, the latest information available reported that the crash is from a small airplane and the number of victims has been confirmed to be only two, and not nine

June 25, 2013: 11:50 AM (update):

The crash is from an unidentified helicopter and not a small airplane as previously reported. Also, the number of casualty has been revised upward. It is now confirmed that a total of nine (9) people burned to death and are beyond recognition. The location of the crash has also been changed to Previle, in Grand'Anse.

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Town of Roseaux In Grand'Anse Department

In the Grand'Anse Department of Haiti is located a small village that is a municipality called Roseaux in the Corail Arrondissement. Around 34,617 people inhabit Roseaux. It is located at 76 meters altitude above the sea level between Jeremie and Corail covering 216.81 km2. Per km around 150 residents live in Roseaux.

Scenic Beauty And Ceremonies
Gommiers, Carrefour Charles, Pig Bottom and Grand Vincent are its four communal sections. This cove is enclosed with big rocks and beautiful bays along its shoreline lined with wooden boats.

Little kids love to play in the crystal clear shallow waters. Heavenly mountains, lush green vegetation and tall palm trees can be seen in the vicinity. Voodoo ceremonies were conducted in the huge dark caves on the mountains inhabited by bats.

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Enjoy the Beautiful Beaches at Bonbon Village in Haiti

In Haiti, in the Caribbean in North America is located a beautiful village called Bonbon. Bonbon is a municipality located in the Grand'Anse Department of Haiti in the Jeremie Arrondissement BonBon has around 6754 inhabitants.

Exotic Bonbon Beaches

From Jeremie, Bonbon is located several miles away to the west. Clairin is a homemade rum which the men relish a lot and are seen drinking here. On the beaches, tents are also seen pitched which can be hired by many of the couples looking for privacy.

The beaches here are simply exotic and can invite anyone for partying. Fete Patronale is the yearly fiesta celebrated in the village of Bonbon. Bonbon is a less frequently visited place in Haiti and hence is not a destination for tourists really.

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Chambellan in Haiti, an Adorable and Panoramic Destination

Chambellan is a municipal town in the Jeremie Arrondissement in Haiti's Grand'Anse Department. Population of the place is around 16883. It is located with the 74° 19' 0" West and the 18° 34' 0" North coordinate. The average altitude at which it is located is 307 meters. Racket and Dejean are the two communes the municipality of Chambellan contains. Area of the region is of 73.13 km, out of which 2.1km2 is occupied by approximately 330 people. It is an administrative unit of the third order.

Why Is Chambellan Adorable?

Chambellan is well known in Haiti for its vast cover of lush green vegetation. The biggest water source for the region is the stalwart Grand'Anse River which makes its way past Chambellan town. It creates an adorable and panoramic view for the town.

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40 people drown when bus overturns in Glace River, near Pestel Haiti

A bus overturned on Monday 18th June 2012 in flooded Glace River in the southern area of Haiti and near the town of Pestel. Since the accident officials have been issuing contradictory reports regarding the number of people who were aboard and the number who died.

The bus accident took place somewhere near the town of Pestel. The town is located on Haiti's southern peninsula. The director of civil protection of Haiti, Marie Alta Jean-Baptiste, was reported saying that the driver of the bus had received warnings against crossing the rain swollen Glace River.

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Moron, a Small and Beautiful Town in Haiti

Moron is a beautiful town located in Haiti, in the Grande-Anse region. In Haiti, it is a small community. The population of the region is estimated to be around 1830 as per the census. It is located at a latitude 18° 35' 04" North and longitude of 74° 13' 27" West and towards the eastern side of Bonbon.

Alternate Names for Moron

Moron is located at a distance of 175 km from the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince. It is situated at an average elevation of around 60 meters. For Moron the time zone is America/Port-au-Prince.

Though better known as Moron, it has alternate names like Ville de Moron and Bourg de Moron in Haiti. A number of non-profit organization and social groups sponsor orphanages for girls in Moron.

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Town of Beaumont in Haiti to produce yams, bananas and cassava

The town of Beaumont is located in Corail Arrondissement in Haiti's Grand'Anse department, deep in Haiti's Southern mountains. Haiti's President Michel Martelly went on a visit to Beaumont to look at how people live and how their living conditions can be improved. President Martelly plans to put more industries and population in the rural area so as to develop it. He believes that agriculture will improve Haiti. He thus thought of introducing production of yams, bananas and cassavas.

Production of yams, bananas and cassavas will greatly develop Beaumont in terms of creating jobs opportunities and also will improve Beaumont's economy. If the people of Beaumont agree to move from the urban areas and settle in the rural area where they will engage in farming, Beaumont will greatly develop and their living conditions will improve. Poverty is one of the greatest challenges facing Haiti and since there is enough land but people lack ideas on how to use it, President Michel thought of giving them the idea. The president was ready to support that farming if the people of Haiti were willing to develop.

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Beaumont in Haiti

Beaumont is a village located in Haiti in the Grand'Anse Department. It is a municipality. In the mountain ranges, to the south of Haiti, is a beautiful village called Beaumont. Within the Corail Arrondissement, this village sits comfortably. It is also neighboring part of the Grand' Anse region.
Addressing Rural Area Revenues

Around 12,486 people inhabit Beaumont. In an ongoing effort, to address revenue of rural areas in Haiti that had been famished, Michel Martelly, President of the Government of Haiti traveled to Beaumont.

To provide basic services to the community, a revenue infusion is needed. The communities living in Beaumont are quite poor, want to have their own destinies, controlled. The government of Haiti is willing to cooperate, as well.

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Haitian Town of Pestel

Pestel is located in Haiti in the Grand' Anse Department in the Corail Arrondissement. Around 36,138 people inhabit this place. Pestel is a place, difficult to get out to and hence too many people don't go there.

Reaching Pestel
A plane has to be taken to Jeremie from Port-au-Prince after which it takes around three and a half hours by boat, car or truck to reach Pestel. There was no access to cell phone or electricity in the year 2007. Citerns were used to collect water, then but now the place is progressing. More cisterns have been constructed and Chateau Deau's are installed to provide families with water.

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