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Haiti's one of the Gold mines

Park one of the greatest Conservation Park that the world has been acknowledged in recent years, but yet absolutely neglected by our governments since long after our independence. It baffled me a lot on how past Governments have been categorically blind to make this ecological Heaven into a profitable source of Revenue for the country and the locals especially the "Village of Rendel" near Port-a-Piment. It saddens/pains me to see how these surrounding areas are deprived of the basic human Needs but yet sit on a "Gold Mine".

Like "El Yunque" in Puerto Rico, which is considered for the USDA and the Puerto Rican Government as a Money making Machine...WHY Pic MACAYA, a World Wonder, Couldn't Even BE more Lucrative than El Yunque?

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Pic Macaya's Potential for Eco-Tourism

Haiti seduces all visitors to the island with her tropical and cultural splendor. Her history is steeped in royal rulers, an intoxicating racial heritage, vibrant, indigenous art, and the compelling rituals of Voodoo-ism.

Since the 2010 earthquake ruined the country's infrastructure, one of the strategies to rejuvenate it has been eco-tourism. The global green movement has been encouraging conservationists to invest in natural resources to keep eco-systems healthy and thriving. And also to attract revenues which contribute to economic growth.

Haiti's neighbor, the Dominican Republic (DR), has become enriched on revenues coming from eco-tourism. Haiti's wealth of untapped natural resources is a prime candidate for eco-tourism development also. Sharing the island of Hispaniola's abundant eco-systems with the DR, it is only a matter of targeting which resources have potential for significant revenue-growth to attract private investment.

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Les Cayes A Beautiful Town In Haiti

Les Cayes is a beautiful town located in southwest Haiti. It is the capital of the Sud Department and is situated on the Caribbean coast near the Ravine du Sud River. It is located southwest of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, at a distance of 196 km. It has six communes including Torbeck, Les Cayes, Maincihe, Camp-Perrin, Île à Vache and Chantal.

History Of Les Cayes

Since the other cays and small Île à Vache island are located near by, the town was given the name Aux Cayes, which means 'On the Cays'. Even now the old name is kept, besides the new name Les Cayes.

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