Demand for resignation of Michel Martelly, release of political prisoners and to political persecution

The opposition party of Haiti organized and undertook a demonstration on November 25 as part of their greater campaign to overthrow the current Haitian government run by President Michel Martelly. This recent event is only one of a spate of such demonstrations, including some that have turned violent enough to result in bodily harm to some participants. Reports from protests staged in Delmas have reported at least three people having sustained gunshot wounds.


During the protest on November 25, the demonstrators chanted the month-old mantra for the resignation of President Martelly. To this familiar cry they also added the demand for the political prisoners to be let go, and for widespread political persecution. The momentum gathered from this day led to further demonstrations on the 28th and the 29th of November, as the fire that was steadily brewing for the ousting of the present administration continues to kindle to fever pitch.

The Martelly government is the party most blamed for the shootings recently in Delmas, with some attributing it to either parliamentary bodyguards, police officers, other security personnel, or merely followers or supporters of the ruling administration. The Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe, has already vehemently denied the government's culpability by decrying and condemning the shootings, and expressing gratefulness that those shot were not fatally wounded. In his address, made at the 43rd Council of Government sitting, Prime Minister Lamothe expressed that the government respects the right of the population to demonstrate, but reminds that this need not, and should not, be done with weapon in hand.

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Subject: Demand for resignation of Michel Martelly, release of political prisoners and to political persecution edit

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