Deportation to Haiti disastrous for the country

For the many scores of Haitians living in the United States, the Dominican Republic and other countries within the realm of the United Nations, deportation back to a country still devastated after the 2010 earthquake is an imminent threat. Many living in the U.S. before the earthquake, set for deportation after serving prison sentences or being caught by immigration, were given a reprieve that has since been recalled in light of the current stance of the U.S. on issues of immigration. However, this spate of deportation to the still-crippled nation has many human rights experts crying shame on participating countries and asking for their reconsideration.


A U.N. independent expert on Haiti, Michel Forst, has called for the deportations to cease, citing the fact that deportees threaten the stability of the already-struggling country and are themselves threatened by its lack of preparedness to receive them. Others have shared that prisoners are held in prison upon arrival, the conditions of which are a punishment to those who have already served their time, as well as those being deported as illegal aliens.

Also opposed to the practice is the School of Law Human Rights Clinic of the University of Miami and the Haitian Women of Miami (FANM). The extreme poverty, lacking health care and unstable, inadequate infrastructure pose an additional danger to returning deportees. Also, the cholera epidemic, responsible for the deaths of thousands since the earthquake, puts the returnees in a life-threatening situation, made worse by the deplorable state of the prisons where they'll inevitably make their first stop.

Also of concern is the effect on the country, which has not yet returned to stability. Haiti is struggling to sustain those already living there, and a recent shortage of food caused by drought and hurricanes doesn't bode well for its ability to bolster under the pressure of hundreds of arriving deportees.

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