Why do People burn tires and block traffic During Protest in Haiti

Lack of Basic Services Drives Violent Protests


In Haiti violent protests are a way of life. Haiti, a small island, is home to a population of only 10 million, indicating just how desperate Haitians are to get basic services. Violent protests happen many times in small and larger villages across Haiti.

Typically, protestors set tire-fires in streets, obstruct traffic with rocks, toppled-over cars, and garbage cans, and destroy property. Regrettably, such protests regularly come under fire from three categories of people.

The government of Haiti is usually not in position to help the population. It takes acts of desperation by Haitians to get the Government to pave a road, supply electricity, or distribute food to them.

In such situation, foreign and domestic investors who worry about losing money due to the violence take second place. These ongoing violent protests keep more private investment from flowing into the country.

The last is the Haitian Diaspora who believe in distancing themselves from communities, who don't have basic services: running water, electricity, and health clinics. They feel what right do these communities have to burn, trash, and loot?

And I ask, what right does the Diaspora have to judge?

Without understanding or caring that some Haitians burn, trash, and loot because they have nothing and nothing to lose.

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