Great Litigator Constantin Mayard-Paul

The Haitian legal profession has lost its most talented and dynamic litigator, Constantin Mayard-Paul, to an embolism, causing his heart to stop on May 30, 2008. When word of his death spread to Port-au-Prince Bar Association, they sent a courier notice asking all cases being heard that day in Port-au-Prince courts adjourn in honor of Constantin's demise.


Public-commentary station, Radio Kiskeya, interviewed Constantin's son, Thierry Mayard-Paul. Bereaved to say much, he did share his father's battle with emphysema, saying it did not prevent him from enjoying his retirement after half a century of practicing law.

One of Constantin's closest colleagues, Gérard Gourgue, spoke to news outlets about his nearly 60-year friendship with him. He said they had worked together on cases referred to their advocacy group, Haitian Human Rights League. He also noted some characteristics of Constantin's he admired, like his acute attention to fine points of law, his assiduous trial preparation, and diligent witness preparation for depositions.

As prosecuting and defense attorney, Constantin Mayard-Paul possessed skills of oratory and argumentative magnificence. He was capable of impressing adjudicators with his mastery of legal principles pertaining to case law in any proceeding. His courtroom style was colorful and dramatic, but he could also be low-key and subtle when the situation called for it.

Constantin's most high-profile case was Radio Haiti. In this widely-covered trial, he represented his client, Jean Dominique, who was fighting descendents of Radio Metropole's owner, Ricardo Widmaier. The case won him his reputation as a fierce advocate for the under-dog.

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