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Great Litigator Constantin Mayard-Paul

The Haitian legal profession has lost its most talented and dynamic litigator, Constantin Mayard-Paul, to an embolism, causing his heart to stop on May 30, 2008. When word of his death spread to Port-au-Prince Bar Association, they sent a courier notice asking all cases being heard that day in Port-au-Prince courts adjourn in honor of Constantin's demise.

Public-commentary station, Radio Kiskeya, interviewed Constantin's son, Thierry Mayard-Paul. Bereaved to say much, he did share his father's battle with emphysema, saying it did not prevent him from enjoying his retirement after half a century of practicing law.

One of Constantin's closest colleagues, Gérard Gourgue, spoke to news outlets about his nearly 60-year friendship with him. He said they had worked together on cases referred to their advocacy group, Haitian Human Rights League. He also noted some characteristics of Constantin's he admired, like his acute attention to fine points of law, his assiduous trial preparation, and diligent witness preparation for depositions.

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Government shake-up in Haiti, Thierry Mayard-Paul out as Interior Ministry

We have just learned that the Haitian Prime minister has made a big change in his cabinet. Laurent Lamothe had announced several changes in his cabinet and one that really caughts my attention is the replacement of person in charge of the interior ministry. Thierry Mayard-Paul has been replaced by former Minister of Social Affairs Ronsard Saint-Cyr.


Do you know this famous Haitian proverb?: "De toro pa rete nan menm savann." The English version is "Two bulls do not stay in the same field"

Isn't Thierry Mayard-Paul a very good friend of President Michel Martelly?

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The ministerial cabinet of the government Laurent Lamothe

The new Ministerial cabined for Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is out and we have the names. Many of the same individuals were kept in their positions. Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe presented his general policy before the Haitian Senators and it was approved before midnight on May 8, 2012

The ministerial cabinet of the government Martelly-Lamothe is composed of 16 Ministers. Here they are:

Ronsard St-Cyr, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor

Thomas Jacques, Minister of Agriculture Natural Resources and Rural Development

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Religious Affairs - Laurent Lamothe

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Official cabinet composition of Prime Minister Garry Conille

The composition of the new team is out. Prime Minister Garry Conille has formed his ministerial cabinet and guess what, the "Haitian Joudalist" has the list.

The official list is as follows:

Garry Conille, Prime Minister and Minister of Planning and External Cooperation

Me Thierry Mayard Paul, Minister of the Interior, local authorities and national

Lemercier Georges André, Minister of Economy and Finance

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Garry Conille's Undated Resignationtion Letter by Thierry Mayard-Paul

This is not a good way to get into a job. It seems like last weekend, there were some heat coming out of the presidential family. According to rumors, there was an altercation between the Prime Minister designate Dr. Garry Conille and President's Chief of Staff, Mr. Thierry Mayard-Paul. This is what I heard:

Thierry Mayard-Paul presented an undated letter of resignation to Dr. Conille. The letter that was written by Mr. Thierry Mayard-Paul, according to the source, was not welcomed at all. The "Haitian Joudalist" learned that things quickly got out of control where matters had escalated to a violent a verbal altercation between the President's Chief of Staff, Mr. Thierry Mayard-Paul and the Prime Minister-designate, Dr. Garry Conille.

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Surprise, Thierry Mayard-Paul will not be the next Prime Minister of Haiti

After the failure of the last two selections of President Martelly for Prime Minister, the fingers are now pointing to Thierry Mayard-Paul as the likely choice of the president to be nominated for Prime Minister of Haiti.

I have news for you. Thierry Mayard-Paul will likely not be the next Prime Minister of Haiti. The president has someone else in mind. Far from someone like Thierry Mayard-Paul, the "Haitian Joudalist" believes that the president has big surprise for us.

What is the surprise?

Why do you think Thierry Mayard-Paul will not be the likely candidate for the post?

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