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Haitian Wedding Tradition

It's a wedding day in Haiti. Be it the Haiti on Hispaniola or the one in the hearts across the Diaspora, a Haitian wedding tradition permeates through geographical and economic boundaries. The customs set out to usher a new couple into their married life are simple, poignant traditions that are quickly being adopted by people outside the Haitian sphere, while being simultaneously forgotten by those within it.

No one is formally invited to a Haitian wedding. This is perhaps one of the first differences between other wedding traditions. It is also one of the reasons why the customs are currently mostly practiced within the rural areas, where word of mouth gives an individual access to a wedding celebration.

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Tips to Haitian Woman - Sleeping Without Panties is Better for your Health

In recent years, people have been given information on precautions they must take in order to remain healthy, and prevent infections from developing. For example, lack of good dental health habits can lead to conditions like gingivitis or pyorrhea. It can also affect the rest of the body, creating the conditions for diabetes to develop.

In the area of gynecological health, it has been discovered that wearing underwear when sleeping can affect the health of the vulva, the external female genitalia. This is something that every woman should, my Haitian women in particular.

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Valentine's Day Greeting

It is through a Valentine's Day greeting that you can convey your feelings and thoughts to that special person in your life. On this day, via the greeting, your heart is able to do the talking. Valentine's Day, celebrated on 14th February each year, is a special day to pour your heart out to the loved one and celebrate the relationship.

Some of the best wishes could be like this. "I really feel incredibly lucky, the arrow has brought the two of us together", "Happy Valentine's Day", "Looking towards sharing a hot and spicy Valentine's Day with you", " Sending you special Valentine's Day wishes", "You are so sweet, just for you, Happy Valentine's Day" and lots more.

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Bullying Signs and Solutions

Bullying happens in every social context to individuals, groups, classes, races, genders, and sexual orientations. Researchers claim certain characteristics are present in people who bully. They are often authoritarian, dominating, controlling, socially underdeveloped, and prejudiced towards others. They are also emotionally volatile, coercive, habitually aggressive, paranoid, insecure, and prone to acting in robotic ways.

Bullying or hazing--as it is called on college campuses--has a shameful tradition that secretly legitimizes itself.

Research in psychology implies bullying begins in childhood. If bullying behavior is not dealt with then, the risk increases it may turn into a chronic disorder. Bullying works through mind-games, name-calling, or character assassination. It finds fertile ground in gangs and groups, often occurring in school environments.

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Understanding Alimony And How It Can Apply To You

Alimony is a term you will commonly hear during divorce proceedings. In simple terms, it is a financial arrangement between divorcing couples, one of whom will receive financial support from the other upon separation. Generally, the non-working partner will receive regular payments from his/her employed spouse depending on the latter's income.

In many cases, one of the married couples is employed while the other takes care of the household and provides emotional and physical support to the working one. In this case, think of alimony as recognition for the contributions and sacrifices given all throughout the relationship.

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Child Support Calculation: Things You Should Know

Children are the most vulnerable people affected in a divorce proceeding. Their interests should be protected at all costs. They shouldn't feel neglected the moment their parents decided to go on separate ways. And this is why you have to understand the importance of child support and how to go about it.

Whether you will be the custodial or non-custodial parent, you need to know how to calculate child support for your kid. To know more about it, here are some pieces of information that can help you out.

Child support policies may differ depending on the state you and your family are living in. However, the common factors involved in child support calculation include the parents' monthly income, the child's needs, and the parents' financial condition. Your child's standard of living should you and your partner remained married is also a factor to take into account because the kid should not get less than he/she deserves.

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Guidelines for Refusing Food without Offending

The problem for many to refuse food after it has been offered to you

Holiday parties are about to begin in a couple of weeks. Hosts go all out, putting time and effort into menus for their dinner parties. Sensing this, people, who have dietary requirements, allergies, or are health nuts often feel uncomfortable refusing their host's offering of certain foods.

Here are a few guidelines to refuse food without giving offense.

Put a smile on your face. It's hard to take offense when someone refuses with a big smile. Research has revealed smiling serves as a stress reducer and elevated-mood enhancer. Smiles are also infectious. Hosts will often return the smile and the refusal is graciously accepted.

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On Relationship, Trust Your Gut Feeling

Love can make people do crazy things. It can prevent a person from thinking clearly and seeing what really is going on.

A person who is in love may look only at the good side of things while ignoring the bad ones because he/she is afraid of losing the other person. This is why many people get hurt and abused in a relationship.

Given this, the best relationship advice you can probably receive is to follow your gut feelings. These feelings are your intuition that you couldn't quiet down. The gut feel is the one telling you that your partner is cheating on you even if he/she seems to be happy with you. It is the one whispering to a girl to walk away from a date because the guy is not good for her. It is the one urging a guy to go after a girl because she might be the ONE. No one exactly knows why they have these feelings and thoughts. They just do. And in most cases, the best thing to do is to follow what your gut is telling you because it is almost always right.

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Dealing With Jerk Workmates

Jerks are common at work places. Almost every company or office you'd work in, there will be one or two who'll be very good at ruining your day. However, you shouldn't let yourself and your productivity to be affected by their rude behavior, as there are ways to deal with jerk officemates.

First thing you can do is to reflect on yourself. Try to see if you have certain behavior that illicit a rude reaction from your jerk workmate. If you can find nothing wrong in your own attitude, then it is time to confront the other party in a peaceful manner.

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How to Deal with Toxic Relatives

In another way, how to avoid fighting with some family members you know will get you upset

The holidays are nearly here, and that means get-togethers with family and friends. These can be joyous occasions or oppressive ones. It all depends on how you handle the difficult personalities of immediate or extended family members. They are the ones most likely to affect your mood negatively.

It's important to understand how others' moods can affect us, especially our relatives. The principle to keep in mind when dealing with difficult personalities is you don't need to tolerate their bad behavior. By allowing their negativity to affect your mood, you subject yourself to psychological abuse and physical harm to your health. To protect and take care of yourself, be honest but don't judge them.

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