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Lawyers in robes marched to demand revocation of Francisco Rene

Lawyers in Haiti have had enough! Following the arrest of their fellow, Andre Michel, a move many deem as unlawful, Haiti's robed workforce descended upon the streets like a flock of avenging angels to protest his arrest and also to demand the revocation of the Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince, Francisco René. And they may have been quite right to, if reports as to the suspected nature of the arrest, severely unrepresented by the official arrest record, are to be believed.

For the Commissioner's part, his action of arresting Michel for what is described as a minor traffic infraction was motivated by the current Administration's wish to censor the lawyer who has been very active in cases filed against the government. As such, some of the protesters, unnamed, vocally and harshly criticized the Executive Body and the Minister of Justice, Jean Renel Sanon.

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Michel Forst, Human Rights United Nations Independent Expert Resigned

Independent Expert on Haiti's Situation of Human Rights, Michel Forst of United Nations has resigned. This announcement was confirmed MINUSTAH's spokesperson. MINUSTAH is a peacekeeping mission working in Haiti. The spokesperson confirmed this announcement to the Caribbean Journal. He said UN Human Right Council's recent session held during the 3rd week of March, 2013 that Forst's resignation was completely on personal grounds and that Forst served Haiti as independent expert on Human Rights for 6 years since 2008.

In his final address to Human Rights Council, Forst, a native of France, said that he was really disappointed in Haiti's Rule of Law as well as human rights. He strongly disapproved a few aspects that included:
• Magistrate nomination for partisan or political ends.
• Arbitrary arrests.
• Extended pretrial detention.
• Threats given to journalists.

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Message of President Martelly following the resignation of Prime minister Garry Conille

President Michel Martelly went on Television yesterday to reassure the Haitian population that the government is stable following the sudden resignation of Prime Minister Garry Conille.

What will happen next. As we all know the two branches of the Haitian government have not been in good working relationship lately. Following a meeting that took place recently at the private home of Prime Minister Garry Conille where there were allegation that the President insulted many Haitian Senators and Deputies who were present, many have decided to limit their interactions with the president. Now that the situation requires that they come together and select a new Prime Minister, how will this turn out?

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Breaking News - Radio Kiskeya reported that Prime Minister Garry Conille has resigned

Radio kiskeya revealed that Prime Minister Garry Conille called it quit. He has handed his resignation to President Michel Martelly this morning around 8:00am. According to Radio Kiskeya who just announced the resignation of Carry Conille as Prime Minister in Haiti, sources closed to the Prime Minister just confirmed that the news

The source for Radio Kiskeya also revealed that on Monday, Prime Minister Garry Conille scheduled a Meeting with the Prime Ministers and none of them showed-up. In the meantime, they all were present the next day in a presidential meeting held by President Michel Martelly.

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