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Teens in rural Haiti rich in family relationship, culture

I guess growing up without a computer, internet, Iphone, Ipod, or you name it, actually has some value. A recent study has found that most Haitian teenagers, specially those living in the country side are very rich individuals, compared to the rich kids im more developed countries such as US, Canada, France, etc..

Sa se pa pou Ti Moun mal Apri nan Potoprins. Se ti "Payisan"

Now I know you are going to jump on me for saying something like this.

Here is what the University of Illinois study found:

1) Haitian kids are very rich in Family relationships. They have a strong sense of family obligation.

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People from Zimbabwe, Haiti, Bulgaria and Lebanon, see gloomy future

The Caribbean Islands, once you see one you see them all

A field research study on the subject of optimism has been conducted, and the results written up in the current issue of the Journal of Personality publication. Undertaken by Boston University social-science researchers, the study project correlated emotional, mental, and physical states in relation to levels of optimism or pessimism in study subjects' attitudes towards life.

Researchers interviewed 150,000 people living in 140 nations. The Caribbean nation of Haiti ranked third as the most pessimistic place in the world, behind Zimbabwe and Egypt at numbers one and two. Two characteristics were discovered that play a significant role on the rates of pessimism found in Africa and the Caribbean, those of poverty and illiteracy.

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