People from Zimbabwe, Haiti, Bulgaria and Lebanon, see gloomy future

The Caribbean Islands, once you see one you see them all


A field research study on the subject of optimism has been conducted, and the results written up in the current issue of the Journal of Personality publication. Undertaken by Boston University social-science researchers, the study project correlated emotional, mental, and physical states in relation to levels of optimism or pessimism in study subjects' attitudes towards life.

Researchers interviewed 150,000 people living in 140 nations. The Caribbean nation of Haiti ranked third as the most pessimistic place in the world, behind Zimbabwe and Egypt at numbers one and two. Two characteristics were discovered that play a significant role on the rates of pessimism found in Africa and the Caribbean, those of poverty and illiteracy.

Haiti's population suffers a high illiteracy rate of 80%, and poverty afflicts 70% of them. Yet despite these depressing statistics, Haitians possess a resiliency and imperishable spirit. Optimistically, the island's history is an astounding testament to its fortitude in achieving status as the first Black-led republic in the world. Pessimistically, coup d'etats, totalitarian rulers, and natural disasters have challenged its ability to form a stable democratic government.

Haiti is still a young democracy, its politics polemical and current leader, President Martelly, inexperienced and foolish. However, the island over time can become self-sustaining with a healthy trade balance. One only need study the Haitian flag to see the struggle and triumph that has bought Haiti its freedom, and the aspiring ideals that realized with a series of intelligent and incorruptible leaders can move the country forward.

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