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Four People Linked To Clifford Brandt Case so Far

Four individuals have been dragged into the case of Clifford Brandt, who was arrested over the abduction of Coralie and Nicolas Moscoso. The four other suspects are Brandt's secretary, Swadienne Jean and her husband Franck Sainterine, as well as Ricot Pierreval and Carlo Saint-Fort. They, along with Brandt, were arrested, with Pierreval and Saint-Fort caught as they were trying to cross the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

The five suspects have appeared before the Prosecutor of Port-au-Prince on Thursday with Geral Norgaisse as the acting Government Commissioner. After presenting a set of evidence, the prosecution made a decision to incarcerate the suspects. Instead of the National Penitentiary, the suspects were sent to the Civil Prison of Carrefour due to safety issues. Norgaisse refused to divulge too much information about the case because of its sensitivity. He said though that a judge will be assigned to take and oversee the case.

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