Riviere Grise Getting a Facelift for its Levees

Laurent Lamothe, Prime Minister (PM), made a trip to Cul de Sac. Minister of Agriculture (MOA), Thomas Jacques, and other members of the government of Haiti (GOH) went along. Lamothe was there to monitor the construction project fortifying Rivière Grise's levees.


The Ministry of Treasury is financing this endeavor at a cost of 300 million gourdes. The work includes reinforcing levee infrastructure and replanting trees in the area. In April, the initial phase began and the second phase in now in progress.

Lamothe spoke to the media about what this project means to GOH and Cul de Sac residents. He said 50 years have elapsed since GOH has shored up the Rivière Grise levees. He said GOH's viewpoint concerning the populace, watershed, and agriculture is GOH must supply sufficient protection toward tropical storms, forcing people out of their homes, damaging the land. He added GOH understands its stewardship toward the land and its people.

MOA, Thomas Jacques, spoke about the actual work being done at Riviere Grise. Trenches must be dug; earth and rocks molded to fill them to re-contour the river's embankments. Gullies must be filled also, and trees replanted to divert water-flow away from crops and homes.

Valuable exports, bananas and sugarcane, need protection from destruction by flooding. Arnoux Séverin, agronomist and head engineer of the project, offered additional technical information.

The PM made this visit to demonstrate GOH wants to guarantee projects improving Haiti's infrastructure are kept on track, and that the populace will reap benefits.

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