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Rodrigue Milien, Raoul Guillaume, Jean Antoine Occide, Mimi Barthelemy recognized

On 31st of May, 2013, President Michel Martelly, in presence of First Lady Sophia Martelly, Minister of Tourism, Stéphanie Balmir Villedrouin, Minister of Culture, Josette Darguste, several musicians and various government officials, expressed his wish to honor and pay tribute to four great artists of the nation. Martelly called them as highly creative and powerful artists and expressed his gratitude for the contributions made by the artists in the fields of community development, literature and music.

The fours artists who were named for this honor and tribute from President Martelly are Mimi Barthélémy - the storyteller (real name: Michele Armand, death: 27th April, 2013), Father Jean Antoine Occide (known as Father Sicot), Raoul Guillaume - the musician, and Rodrigue Milien - the artist.

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