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Kore Peyizan program in St-Raphael

In continuing efforts to address the food crisis problem in Haiti, a distribution bank, operated by the Kore Peyizan program, handed out over 1,000 agricultural packages to St.-Rafaël growers for the winter planting season. On hand for the distribution was Minister and Agronomist, Mimose Marie Felix, a delegate for the Department of Promotion Peasantry.

Felix let the growers know the government of Haiti (GOH) is serious about raising the farmers' standard of living. To achieve this, agricultural production must increase substantially, not only for the farmers' own livelihoods, but to combat food insufficiency on the island. The farmers are grateful to the GOH for the support they receive through social assistance program, Ede Pèp. The agricultural packages received comprise bean seed, pesticide, and pesticide sprayers.

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Ranquitte, a Tiny Community

Ranquitte is a rural village placed within the Saint-Rafaël Arrondissement, under the Nord Department. Located in the north-east sector of the island of Haiti, it has a population numbering about 24,000. Three districts comprise it: Bac-à-Soude, Cracaraille, and Bois-de-Lance.

Agricultural farming, the main economic force in the community, relies on coffee growing and small crops of lemons, limes, pineapples, and oranges. The under-production of coffee crop yields, lack of a paved road system, and on-going corruption activities have all ruined the coffee business there. When Ranquitte was first colonized, it had a notable reputation as a center of coffee production.

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Saint-Rafael Gains Sovereignty from Dominican Republic

Saint-Rafael, a cityship within the Saint-Rafaël Arrondissement, is part of Nord Department. Established in 1761 by Viscount José Meléndez of San Rafaël de la Angostura, the town was originally named after his city, but later shortened to Saint-Raphaël. By 1783, about 1,000 residents populated Saint-Rafaël.

Until 1929, the Dominican Republic (DR) still laid claim to Saint-Rafaël. A treaty signed that year and revised in 1936 sought to reclaim Saint-Rafaël as the domain of its majority population. The revision indicated that residents, who comprised the dominant part of the population in a region, be granted sovereignty. As a result, the DR had to cede considerable land acreage.

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