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Four G8 members will not run in next Presidential election

The G8 no longer exist; however, it continues to make news. It is conformed that four of the members for sure will not participate in the next presidential election. According to Samuel Madistin in an interview with Valery Numa on Vision 2000, Mario Andresol, Eric Jean Baptiste, Sauveur Pierre Étienne and Steven Benoit will not participate in the next Presidential election in Haiti. He continued to say that Jean-Henry Céant and himself (Samuel Madistin) have not made a decision yet. The two candidate who will for sure participate in the next election are Jude Celestin and Moise Jean Charles

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Samuel Madistin di Yo achte konseye electoral yo pou yon Kaka Aran

Samuel Madistin, kandida pou prezidan MOPOD di tout konseye elektoral fin pouri. Yo pa ka reyalize eleksyon ki jis ak kredib. Li kontinye pou di ke sektè demokratik la te fè erè sou moun sa yo. Li diskite ke moun yo nan grangou, kèk nan yo se pwofesyonèl men ki fè fas a difikilte ekonomik. Yo sede dwadpasaj bay ofisyèl gouvènman pou yon ti Kaka Aran. Samyèl Madistin di ke Konseye elektoral yo kounye a se gro avoka pati PHTK.

Former candidate of MOPOD, Samuel Madistin, said the electoral advisers are corrupt, unable to conduct a fair and credible elections. He admitted that the democratic sector made a mistake for not realizing that these facing economic difficulties would fall for offers made by corrupted government officials.

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Samuel Madistin to restore rule of law

When Popular Patriotic Movement Dessalinien (Mouvement Patriotique Populaire Dessalinien, MOPOD) party nominated Samuel Madistin as their presidential candidate under MOPOD banner following the withdrawal Mirlande Manigat and Jacques Edouard Alexis, Madistin had promised that if he wins the election, he would work to restore 'rule of law' in the country.

He would make Haiti a solid state and put it on a road to prosperity. There will be better management of State funds, an improved educational system and more domestic production of goods and service, more employment, better life and policing. However, as per published result of the October 25 election, he came in the 10th rank with only 13,640 (0.88%) votes. Now he is saying, he did not realize that the electoral advisers were so corrupt; they had no credibility to conduct a fair and credible election and the democratic parties made a big mistake because they never realized that beforehand.

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Candidate Samuel Madistin to Transform Haiti into Modern County

Samuel Madistin, campaigning for the Haitian presidency, is representing People's Patriotic Movement Dessalinien political party. He officially began his run in Saint -Marc's Philippe Guerrier Square. He has an ambitious agenda planned should he be elected to the top position. The top three items of his platform are a secure and inclusive society; advancing the production of goods and services at home and abroad (especially in the agriculture sector); and social reform programs.

Madistin pledges that from day one of his administration he will order a rural police force be formed under the National Police of Haiti for the purposes of stopping cattle rustling, and interlopers from kicking farmers off their land. He wants to re-establish a military body that is constitutionally authorized by first forming an intelligence agency.

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Samuel Madistin & Mirlande Manigat Want To Head MOPOD

A political coalition that turned into a political party, the Popular Patriotic Dessalinien Movement (MOPOD), has announced two of its important nominations for the upcoming election, in the last week of March. On Wednesday, March 25, the party announced the intention of Samuel Madistin, a newcomer to the party to seek party's nomination and on Friday, March 27, there was another announcement for the former First Lady Mirlande H. Manigat (during February 7, 1988 - June 20, 1988). On March 26, 2015, the Patriotic Movement of the Democratic Opposition (MOPOD), a coalition of opposition political parties, changed its name to "the Popular Patriotic Dessalinien Movement" while maintaining its earlier acronym MOPOD to reflect a change from an opposition struggle to an opposition movement. Earlier, the coalition had led many opposition protests and even the present Prime Minister Evans Paul was once a member of the group.

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Samuel Madistin denounced T-Mick as being paid $50, 000 cash per Month

The son of President Michel Martelly has been denounced by Haitian lawyer Samuel Madistin who accused the Haitian government of nepotism for paying his son T-Micky $50,000 a Month.

He reported on Radio Vision 2000 that T-Micky receives $5,000 per concert and is being booked for communal events throughout the country. He is paid cash money by the National Palace, while groups like Tropicana, T-Vice and Djakout don't make that kind of money.

Samuel Madistin told Vision 2000 Anchorwoman Marie Lucie Bonhomme that the numbers were confirmed.

The Haitian lawyer will probably have to show in court where he found these numbers to accuse the president of Nepotism and Favoritism.

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