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After Hurricane Sandy, I really smell trouble for my little country of Haiti

Hurricane Sandy on Haiti

Just a few days after the passage of Hurricane Sandy on Haiti, the population is just beginning to evaluate the level of damages caused by the storm

However, in the next few days, weeks and Months, we will have a lot more to deal with.

Le's see what's coming toward us:

1: Cholera is back.
With so much flooding in so many regions of the country, we can only assume that cholera will be spreading.

2: Agricultural lost:
How do we replace all these agricultural products such as banana, Plantain, yam, just to name a few. Do you remember that it was only a few days ago that the population was asking for the government to resign because families were unable to feed themselves.

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Massive Hurricane Sandy left 44 dead in Haiti and counting - See video

Hurricane Sandy on Haiti

The biggest storm this hurricane season is likely to be the one that just left us. Based on the total of damages so far, hurricane Sandy is the largest killer. In Haiti, the latest estimate put to death toll at 44, with the expectation that it will continue to increase.

In addition, according to Haiti's Civil Protection Office, nineteen people have received major injuries from the storm and another 12 are missing.

Further evaluation by Haitian authorities estimated that close to 131 people were moved into temporary shelters as a result of hurricane sandy

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