Lucie Tondreau sentenced to over five years in federal prison

Here is something for the Haitian diaspora to think about. Former North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau was sentenced this Tuesday in Miami to spend five years and five months in federal prison. The 55 year old Haitian-Amercican Lucie Tondreau was convicted of conspiracy and wire fraud charges back in December 2014.


The Former Mayor will likely spend quite a number of years thinking about this. Following her prison time, Tondreau will also be required to serve three years of supervised release. She was also ordered to pay restitution of which the actual amount has not yet been determined.

Her five year sentence is a relief compared to the original 30 years of prison she could have faced for such a crime. Lucie was accused for playing a leading role in a multimillion-dollar mortgage fraud scheme.

Since then, she has been suspended by Governor Rick Scott as governor of North Miami

Her business partner and ex-fiance, Karl Oreste, previously pleaded guilty and sentenced to serve eight years. Others implicated in this mortgage fraud are fugitives.


Lucie Tondreau kondane pou pase senk ane nan prizon federal Amerikin

Isit la se yon kote ki mande pou dyaspora ayisyen an reflechi sou li anpil. Ansyen Majistra North Miami Lucie Tondreau recevwa kondanasyon li Madi nan Miami. Li ap pase senk ane ak senk mwa nan prizon federal.

55 ane fin vye granmoun

Ayisyen-Amercican Lucie Tondreau kiginyin 55 ane te kondane pou konplo ak fwod nan mwa desanm 2014.

Apre tan prizon l ', Tondreau ap genyen obligasyon tou pou li sèvi twa ane nan sipèvizion. Li gin tou lòd pou peye restitisyon.

Patnè biznis li ak ansyen-fiyanse, Karl Oreste, te deja plede koupab ak kondane a sèvi pandan witan. Gen lòt ki enplike nan fwod sa tou, yo evade.

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All Family Protection Inc says...

For a Public servant to engage in unethical behavior like that is sad.The only reason why she receives a 5 years is because she is a woman.

I think she deserve more

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Allfamilyprotectioninc says...

I do not feel pity for corrupt politicians.

All who violate public trust should go behind bars because they make it hard for law abiding public

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Arlene says...

This is truly a fall from grace.

Shame on her.we must learn to live truthfully & Remember the word says "Everything that's in the dark will come into the

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Erve Paul says...

Lucie Tondreau should be deported to Haiti.

Why having the taxpayers spending all that money to keep her in jail?

Since she has to pay restitution, I wonder if all the victims of her Mortgage fraud will be compensated?

Because of her greed, so many families had lost their homes.

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Serge Petit says...

Lucie Tondreau is a cruck.

She has no place governing a major city like North Miami.

She is a former Aristide supporter.

She spent many years since she left Canada to establish herself in Miami, taking advvantage of the poor illiterate Haitians in Little Haiti and North Miami.

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Jasmine Leon says...

I feel for Lucie Tondreau.

This is something that could have happened to anyone.

How many time do you put your trust on someone and you get taken by that same person.

What I think is a lesson for Lucie and for many of us to be careful with people.

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