Lucie Tondreau sentenced to over five years in federal prison

Erve Paul - March 25 2015, 8:22 AM

Lucie Tondreau should be deported to Haiti.

Why having the taxpayers spending all that money to keep her in jail?

Since she has to pay restitution, I wonder if all the victims of her Mortgage fraud will be compensated?

Because of her greed, so many families had lost their homes.

The Federal Government should make her work to pay for avery penny she took from every single person.

Once she is finished paying them, she can then be deported to Haiti.

At that point, she can apply to work in the Haitian government where she will be among people like her who know how to steal and also who also know that nothing will happen to them afterword.

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Lucie Tondreau sentenced to over five years in federal prison

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