Simon Dieusel Desras Proposes Government of public salvation with G8

Former President of the Senate and presidential candidate Dieuseul Simon Desras believes he is the man of the time in Haitian politic. He offered the solution to get Haiti out of it current political impasse. Desras proposes the creation of a collegial government for the next 5 years which will be made of the G8 who opposes the current government with Jude Célestin as President, Moïse Jean Charles and Maryse Narcisse as G8 members, and other members from other opposition parties. The new government is to be called: Government of public salvation.


WATCH (M)VIDEO: Simon Dieuseul Desras wants Transitional Government

Desras Simon is a seasoned politician, familiar with the machinery of governing. Born in Mirebalais, he chose law as a profession, before becoming involved in politics. A member of former President Aristide's Fanmi Lavalas, he was appointed to Aristide's cabinet as senior advisor.

Simon has served on a number of government committees, rising to the position of senator in May 2000 and senate president in 2012. He is currently petitioning to stay on as senate president until January 9, 2017.

Haitian Kreyol:
Simon Dieusel Desras Pwopoze Gouvènman Sali Piblik ak group G8 - Ansyen Prezidan nan Sena a ak kandida pou prezidan Dieuseul Simon Desras kwè se li ki nonm pou tan an nan politik ayisyen. Li jwen solisyon pou ede Ayiti soti nan enpas politik li ye kounye a. Desras pwopoze kreyasyon yon gouvènman Colegio pou 5 ane ak G8 ki opoze gouvènman aktyèl la. nan gouvènman sa, Jude Célestin kòm Prezidan, Moïse Jean Charles ak Maryse Narcisse kòm manm G8, ak lòt manm ki soti nan lòt pati opozisyon. Nouvo gouvènman sa dwe rele: Gouvènman Sali Piblik.

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