Haiti National Soccer Team, Caribbean-Nations Cup Winners

The Haiti National Soccer Team (HNST) is preparing for a showcase game with the Spanish National Soccer Team (SNST) at Sun Life Stadium, Saturday June 8th. Following that event, HNST will travel to Rio de Janeiro for another non-competitive match against Italy at Maracana Stadium.


HNST's two most formidable players, Joseph Peterson and Jerome Mechack, at mid-field and right-back positions, have been training at soccer camp along with A-list players Jean-Jacque Pierre, Johnny Placide, Jean Alcenat, Jeff Louis, and Reginald Goreux. HNST expects to train more intensively because Spain's La Roja team has achieved the distinction of capturing two European titles and a World Cup in three years.

Excitement is building for the Diaspora in South Florida. They will witness the Caribbean-Nations Cup winners, who have not played at Sun Life Stadium since their victory in 2007, display their championship skills. The SNST's repute is anticipated to draw a record-breaking crowd, and that can only help raise HNST's profile.

The Sun Life game is an opportunity for Project Phoenix, an aid-donor for Haiti's rebuilding efforts, to reap substantial proceeds from ticket sales. Some of the largesse received will go towards building a national stadium in Port-au-Prince. Profits generated by ticket sales will help deliver essential services to the Cité Soleil community where the stadium will be built.

Sun Life Stadium officials are offering an incentive, hoping to sell more tickets. All ticket holders will be eligible to observe the teams' practice sessions the day prior to the game.


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