Halloween as it is related to Zombies

You would see a lot of "zombies" roaming around on Halloween. This is because these creatures are a popular choice for costumes during the holiday. A lot of people dress like zombies to join Halloween festivities in order to be as fearful as they can be. But what is it about zombies that associate them with the dark side? And where do zombies really come from?


First of all, zombies are depicted as people who were brought back from the dead. They are like monsters, eating people and turning them into zombies. According to the common story, zombies live in graves and are awaken during the night. They do not think or speak. All they do is hurt and eat people in their way.

The story about zombies comes from Haiti's voodoo religion. Haitians believe that magicians have the power to revive a dead person, who, in turn, becomes their soulless and mindless slave. Out of fear that their deceased relatives might be turned into zombies, Haitians tend to guard their dead relatives' graves. They only leave when they are sure that the body has decayed because only fresh bodies can be turned into zombies.

Scientists, however, believe that the "zombies" that are feared of are only people suffering from mental problems. According to them, catatonic schizophrenia shows symptoms similar to being a zombie. They also said that Haitian magicians might have used certain drugs that put people into a coma, leading to misinterpretation that they are dead. The magicians then "revive" these people, who others believe were transformed into zombies.

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