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Top Ten World Cup Goals from 1930 to 2006

FIFA best World Cup goals of all time. Top 10 Dribble Goals Of All Time from 1930 to 2006.

Goal number 10: - Henrik Larsson - Sweden (USA 94)
Goal number 09: - Sanon - Haiti (Germany 74)
Goal number 08: - Bebeto - Brazil (USA 94)
Goal number 07: - Beckenbauer - England (England 66)
Goal number 06: - Pele - Brazil (Mexico 70)
Goal number 05: - Altobelli - Italy (Spain 82)
Goal number 04: - Edinho - Brazil (Mexico 86)
Goal number 03: - Ronaldo - Brazil (Germany 06)
Goal number 02: - Baggio - Italy (USA 94)
Goal number 01: - Cruyff - Netherland (Germany 74)

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The 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa is the 19th FIFA World Cup and involves 204 FIFA national teams.
Brazil's Pele is the only player to have won three World Cup winners' medals, with 20 other players who have won two World Cup medals.
The overall top goalscorer in World Cups is Brazil's Ronaldo, scorer of 15 goals in three tournaments.

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Joe Geatjens, first Haitian who scored in World Cup

This is a story all Haitians should know. Joe Gaetjens, a Haitian immigrant, scoring the only goal for the US at the World Cup in 1950 winning the game against England.

When we think about Haitian soccer players scoring in world cup, we usually think about Manno Sanon. Emmanuel "Manno" Sanon was a member of 1974 Haitian National Team who participated in the world cup in Munich, Germany.

The story of the Haitian soccer player Joe Gaetjens did not end there. As it was the case for many Haitians during the Duvalier reign, Joe Gaetjens became an innocent victim of that time. As you will see in this video on ESPN, they also showed Fort Dimanche where Joe and so many others disappeared and died.

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Haitian Invasion Of The NFL And The Super Bowl

Four players in Sunday's Super Bowl XLIV are Haitian Americans, and many other Haitians are looking to follow in their footsteps.

This recent earthquake can only shake but not break us. As Haiti looks to rebuild from January's devastating earthquake, we will continue to make progress in other areas such as sports, education, art, science, technology, medicine and many others.

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Pierre Garcon and Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma are the latest Haitian Super Stars performing in Super Bowl XLIV. Garcon has been raising money for Haiti through his Helping Hands Foundation.

He hopes to raise $500, 000 so he can distribute food and aid during a personal visit in April.

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