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Rashad Jeanty, professional American football player

Rashad Jeanty is an American football linebacker with Haitian background. He has been a defensive end in Canadian football. He studied in Carol City High School. The Miami Herald rated him as fourteenth best player in the country and 6th best player in Florida.

Jeanty played for 4 years in Canadian football League for Edmonton Eskimos before he left for National Football League in 2006. He joined Cincinnati Bengals in the league. He also was part of the football team of University of Florida before he joined Canadian Football League.

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Ricky Jean-Francois, professional American football player

Ricky Jean-Francois is one of the Haitian descent football players in the US. He is a player for the American football nose tackle for the San Francisco 49ers a team he has been involved with for a while now. He was born in the US despite the fact that his parents were from Haiti. They had moved to the US during one of those moments when the country was experiencing high political turmoil and there were constant demonstrations and killings.

Ricky Jean-Francois was born in 1986 and attended school in the city of Miami. He then preceded to college at Louisiana State where he joined the football team and where he began his career in the game. He also was awarded various titles during this time including the 2007 LSU Tigers football team where he was the Defensive MVP of the 2008 BCS National Championship Game.

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Pierre Thomas, American football player with Haitian origin

Pierre Thomas is one of the successful professional American football players with Haitian origin. He is a running back for the New Orleans Saints in the National Football League.

Alongside Pierre Garçon of the Indianapolis Colts and Jonathan Vilma of the New Orleans Saints, Thomas is Haitian American Football player with a remarkable reputation. His career choice in American football was inspired by his mother and cousin. He has also drawn a lot of inspiration from his hero Barry Sanders, former running back for the Detroit Lions.

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Quincy Douby, NBA basketball player

Quincy Douby is one of the few Haitian-American basketball players who have made a great career out of his great playing modes. He was born in the states though his parents had moved into the states from Haiti during one of those high tempered political moments when everyone's lives were in danger. They had therefore decided to flee to safety and thus ended up in the states.

Quincy Douby attended college at Rutgers where he joined the college`s basketball team and where he recorded a great show of talent. As a freshman at Rutgers, Douby scored 35 points to lead the team to an overtime victory in the NIT semifinal game. This led to hi naming in the Big East All-Rookie Team by the end of his freshman year.

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Haiti Preps For First-Ever Mountain Bike Race

Are you into mountain bike racing? Do you love nature? Do you want to conquer undiscovered places in Haiti? If yes, then don't let yourself get left behind. It's time for you to register at the upcoming Mountain Bike Haiti Stage Race. The first-ever pro race will kick off on January 30 next year.

The race track runs through the Haiti National Park, some parts of which are still unchartered territory. During the five-day event, competitors are set to participate in ecosystem building projects. Then, they will race through a total of 85 miles, biking along the Chaine de la Selle mountain range; starting from Port au Prince to Jacmel. The participants are expected to traverse extreme terrains and rocky roads. The event will close with a Carnaval celebration, wherein participants will get to party with the locals in Jacmel community.

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Park Michelet Destinoble Inauguration, Verrettes Artibonite

The President of the Republic of Haiti S.E.M. Michel Joseph Martelly along with his wife, the First Lady, Madame Sophia Martelly went to a small town, Verrettes (Artibonite), to inaugurate Park Michelet Destinoble on Tuesday May 22.

Olive Martelly, the Advisor to the President Martelly in sports, led the initiative of the structure "Foutbòl power Chanjman" which means 'Football for Change'. The Haitian President stressed on the modernization of the Michelet Destinoble park in Verrettes Artibonite and rehabilitation of the integrated program during the inauguration program.

Mr. President also assured that efforts are underway to make opportunity to engage more youth in sports. He expressed his interest and desire for adequate play areas with all kind of possible facilities. Any impediments that hinder youth development will be solved cordially, he added.

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Phoenix Professional Soccer Stadium To Be Built In Cite Soleil, Haiti

From the earthquake massacre in January 2010, Haiti is constantly trying to rebuild of what was lost and bring some new hope for the Haiti people.

With donation camps and mining projects, Haiti government is trying to bring some economic benefit to the people. Also, a zeal and vigor of the people for playing soccer has proposed plans for the first professional soccer stadium in the country.

The name of this soccer stadium will be Phoenix stadium. It is said to be built in Cité Soleil, which has been designated as a red zone area by the United States as it is a poverty-stricken town in needs of economic development.

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Jeffrey Julmis to represent Haiti in 2012 Olympics in London

Jeffrey Julmis was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., though he has deep Haitian roots.

His parents - Jackson Julmis and Nicole Jean-Pierre - are native Haitians. The young man who has never lived in Haiti is proud to represent his country of origin. On his official website, Jeffrey says, "I had my choice of countries to represent between the United States and Haiti. Since I was a kid, I always said if I get to the Olympics, I want to represent Haiti. I'm proud to be Haitian."

Jeffrey Julmis has been shortlisted to represent Haiti in the upcoming Olympics that are in London, where he will be running the 110m hurdles race. He will join other Haitian athletes in France to attend a training camp and participate in several European competitions of qualification for the London Games.

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Donald Guerrier, Volunteer Ambassador for the Promotion of South of Haiti

The Haitian soccer player, Wilde Donald Guerrier, is a rising star not only in his homeland, but also in the international football scene. The 23-year old currently belongs to the Haiti National Football Team as a Defender under the number 23. Guerrier is also a member of the popular Haitian football club América des Cayes and holds a record of nine caps and one goal while playing for the national team for the past three years. He is known in the field for his speed and agility.

Donald Guerrier, along with his other team mates, are regarded as football heroes by their fellow Haitians especially during the 2010 earthquake, the series of hurricanes, and the cholera outbreak that hit the country. Despite these tragedies, the national team never lost their passion and goal in finally qualifying for the World Cup to represent Haiti. Every win by the team gives pride to the nation and at the same time inspires young Haitians to pursue and excel in sports. Football and other sports are perceived as one way Haiti could get into the international market and provides room for economic growth and national unity.

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Olympian Edrick Floreal Continues to Strive for Excellence

Edrick Floreal, a former long and triple jumper, born on October 5, 1966, in Gonaives, Haiti, is a naturalized citizen of Canada.

As a track and field athlete, he competed at two successive Summer Olympics, representing Canada. At the 1988 Summer Olympics, he competed in the Triple Jump qualifying round, finishing in 18th place; and in the 1992 Summer Olympics, he placed 28th in the qualifying round for the Long Jump.

Edrick Floreal greatest success as a track star occurred, when he competed for the NCAA Track and Field Championships, while at the University of Arkansas, a school known for excellence in jumping. He won, both in the Indoor and Outdoor Triple Jump, winning Indoor Championships in 1989 and 1990, and Outdoor Championships in 1988, 1989, and 1990.
Floreal now directs the Track and Field Program at Stanford University, and is wed to another track star, LaVonna Martin-Floreal, who earned an Olympic Silver Medal in the 100-meter Hurdles event, in 1992. Floreal's most recent honor was being named the "2010 Indoor West Regional Coach of the Year", a recognition bestowed upon him by the United States Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association.

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